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World of Warcraft USA - Gold Nathrezim-US-Horde  

1000  X  gold   $10.00
2000  X  gold   $20.00
3000  X  gold   $30.00
4000  X  gold   $39.60
5000  X  gold   $49.50
6000  X  gold   $59.40
7000  X  gold   $69.30
8000  X  gold   $79.20
9000  X  gold   $89.10
10000  X  gold   $99.00
15000  X  gold   $148.50
20000  X  gold   $198.00
30000  X  gold   $294.00
40000  X  gold   $392.00
50000  X  gold   $490.00

Delivery type "Ingame Mail (postal delivery)":
We deliver the WoW gold via ingame mail as an attachment to your WoW character. Afterwards you can take the gold out of the attachment of the mail from any desired mailbox.
Delivery type "Face to Face":
As soon as we received your payment, our employees will whisper to you ingame. We ask you to meet with our employee immediately, so that we can hand over the WoW gold to you.
Official meeting points for the WoW gold committal are:
Alliance: Goldshire
Horde: Razor Hill

Delivery type "Mule Account":
We create a shiny new World of Warcraft with 30 days of playtime for you and put the gold on it. After the gold delivery you get the account name and password. You can handle the gold and the account as you wish. The extra costs are for the creation of the new account.
Delivery time:
The delivery is about 12-48 hours after payment receipt.
However we can fulfil 90% of our orders within 1-12 hours after payment receipt.
You want to know the delivery time on your WoW server?
You can view it on our Serverstatus list.