Alterac Valley Guide

Things to do(Both Sides):

1. Always have a few defenders at your base to slow down the enemy from getting to your boss.

2. If a player of the other faction passes you, try to kill him/her. You never know, that kill could mean an extra few seconds added on to kill the boss.

3. If someone of the same faction is being attacked, help them, even if you are out numbered, luck does exist

4. Report Leachers/Afkers. These are people who enter the game and dont do anything trying to get the honour from a game. If you go on the world map and right click on these people, you can report them AFK and they turn Inactive, so that they do not recieve honour.

5. Always try and get out of the starting point as fast as possible, for example: Hunter uses Aspect of the Pack, making the rest of the group run faster, and as the gate opens and you get out, mount up.

Things NOT to do(Both Sides):

1. Do not pull the enemy boss outside of its building, because if you do it resets, gaining full health. Thats not good.

2. Never take IceBlood Graveyard or the equivelant to this on Horde side(I play Alliance ) because then the opposite faction will spawn right next to where you are trying to kill their boss.

3. Never try and take the boss before the Graveyard near there has been captured by your faction. If you wait for the Graveyard then lots of people will spawn there and it will be easier to kill the boss.

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