Best Places To Farm

World of Warcraft Farming Spots

Black diamond
-These drop from mobs in BRD. Each is worth loads because they are used in libram enchants and also the zg enchant. Worth around 50 times more than the blue version.

Black lotus
-This is a very rare herb which sells for quite a lot. Found in Winterpsring near the blue dragons cave, Mezthoril. Also found in Badlands, Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands.

Blood of the mountain
-These are mined from Dark Iron nodes in Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes, BRD and MC. Used in a quest, high end professions. These sell very well.

Dark Runes
-Drop from most mobs in scholo. Very useful for casters but are also used in crafting so are very expensive and needed by most people.

Deviate Fish
-These are fishable in the Barrens in Wailing Caverns. You do not have to go inside the Wailing Caverns instance to catch Deviates. They can be caught in any of the pools inside the Caverns before you get to the instance.
-The fish can also be caught in Lushwater Oasis, immediately south of the Caverns and in the Stagnant Oasis, south of the Crossroads/Ratchet road. Furthermore there will now occasionally be schools of Deviates so your drop rate is 100% if your cast lands within the swirl indicating the school.

Essence of Air
-Elementals in North West Silithus. No mobs actually have a high drop rate of this and these are all non elite and very easy to kill. Make sure you are killing the air elementals not the rock ones which do not drop it. Also they drop breath of wind etc which can be sold or used.

Essence of Earth
-These can be farmed in northwest Silithus in the far corner. Also these drop from Stone Guardians in Un’Goro but those are harder to kill because they are elites.

Essence of Fire
-Elementals in Un’Goro crater, Fire Plume ridge. I’m not sure but I bet this is one of the best places to farm for this.

Essence of Undeath
-I’m not too sure about these but have heard they have a high drop rate in Scholo and Strat.

Essence of Water
-Elementals in Felwood, Iron Tree woods. These have a high drop rate I believe and there is normally somebody farming them but they have a good respawn rate so no waiting.

-These drops from demons in Felwood and Azshara, also from demons in Dire Maul. Current price on my server is anywhere between 1.5 gold and 3 gold a piece. These mobs also have a very high drop rate of runecloth and are camped by gold farmers or used to be I believe.

Ghost mushrooms
-These are used in making a dye which is used in crafting. These are found in Feralas, Maraudon, Hinterlands and also drop of Tar Lords in Un’Goro.

Guardian Stones
-Drop from the elite guardians wandering around Un’goro. Though they are 61 Elites, they are extremely slow and soloable by most 60s. Stones are used in Cloak of Warding and sell for 3.5-5 gold a piece

Heart of fire
-Drop from elementals above level 45. Easily farmed from demons in North Felwood and also elementals in Un’Goro Crater.

Ichor of Undeath
-These drop from most undead mobs over level 50 (Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands, Azshara’s lingering highbourne, Scholo, Strat, etc.). Used in a few patterns, most notably the new shard bags.

Incendosaur scales
-From beasts of the same name in searing gorge. Do not need to be skinned are just dropped. These are used to get up reputation for Thorium Brotherhood. These can also be sold for a high price.

Larval acid
-These drop from the grubs in Eastern Plaguelands at around 5% rate and sells for 8-10 gold a piece.
-Carrion Spawns/Devourers in Eastern Plaguelands and Western Plaguelands.

Linen Cloth
-Westfall is the best area for this. You can either clear out the mines or go kill some of the other humanoids. Simple yet effective!

Living Essence
-Tar elementals in Un’goro drop occasionally - better drop rates are found on the plants in DM East and West (Lashes in East, trees in west), sell for 8-10 gold each. Very rare as they are needed for Hide of the Wild.

-Most mobs in Tanaris drop a decent amount of this. Either the trolls who occupy the ruins or the humans that are called wastewanders (not the pirates).
-Deadwood furbolgs in Felwood. These are also farmed for rep with Timbermaw furbolgs so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Powerful Mojo
-Drop from trolls which are over lvl 55. Drop from elite trolls in ZG and also from undead trolls in Western Plaguelands. The Undead trolls are called Mossflayers. Used in profesions.

Primal Tiger Leather
-Skinned from tigers in ZG. These are not farmable except for in a ZG raid group.

Righteous Orbs
-These drop from humanoids i.e. scarlet soldiers etc in a stratholme scarlet run. Used in enchants and are very expensive. They also they drop off of Scarlet Elite’s(that’s the name of the mob). They are in Western Plaguelands above the lumber camp.

Rugged Leather
-Yetis in Winterspring are easily the best. Southeast of Everlook in the ice thistle hills region are humanoids around level 53 which are skinnable. They do not drop cloth but many people kill them for a quest and are not skinners. So you can kill them loot some cash and skin them and also skin the mobs killed by others.

-Mobs in Tyr’s Hand. These are mainly elite humanoids who are level 54. These can be killed easily by level 60s. Also these are very good for just farming gold as they are humans.
-Furbolgs in Winterspring. These are due east of Everlook and very easy to kill. Non elites so anybody can kill them. If you’re a mage its heaven just AOE and you can get a lot of runecloth.
-Ogres in Deadwind Pass. Like furbolgs they are non-elite but have more health. I would say that the furbolgs would be easier to kill.

Shadowcat Hides
-Skinned from Shadow Mars in Stranglethorn Vale and Swamp of Sorrows.

Silithis Chitin
-These are skinned from elites in Silithus. They can be vendored for 2 gold a stack. Also the elites drop an item for reputation with the bronze dragons and greys. Also when skinned they can drop a grey which is worth 1 gold for a stack of 20.

Silk Cloth
-Soloing SM is the best way due to the fact you get a lot of silk on 1 mob and money drops are decent. Also you can get the scarlet sets which sell very well and junk items can be vendored for money or disenchanted if you prefer.
-Killing harpies in Thousand Needles is another great way. They are not elite and don’t have a whole lot of hit points so they can be easily killed by lower levels as they are level 28-30. They also drop Vibrant Plumes which can sell for around 80 silver per stack.

Spider silk
-These drop from Spiders in Stonetalon Mountains. Mainly around the entrance and exit of Deep talonpath which is the path to Ashenvale. They are around level 25 I believe.

Stonescale Eels
-Any high level coastal spot in Kalimdor (Tanaris, Feralas, Azshara) gives Stonescale Eels, which consistently sell for 1 gold or more each. However, please note the time of day, sometimes, you won’t see anything and other times you will have excellent results. I have experienced better results with this late at night.

Thick Leather
-Most beasts which are skinnable in The Hinterlands drop thick leather when skinned. As mostly around level 49 they are easily farmable by 50s and 60s. Also you can get leather by skinning yetis which drop some as well.

Turtle Scales
-Skinned from any turtles. These can be found near Steamwheel Port, in the Hinterlands, Tanaris and in Hillsbrad Foothills. Used in Leatherworking.

Volatile Rum
-You can farm these at the pirate cave in Tanaris. It’s a great leveling spot also!

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