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WoW Addons Guide - Best Addons for World of Warcraft

Most players aren’t too familiar with the thousands of addons that you can download to enhance your World of Warcraft play. To fully customize your World of Warcraft experience, you can download different addons that will enhance specific areas of your game play, such as map coordinates, auctioneer addons, enchanter addons, and much more.

Before you start downloading addons though, you need to think about what you really need to customize your World of Warcraft experience. Are you looking for a guild banker addon that will help you know who needs what?

Or are you looking for an addon that will combine all your bags into one so you can see everything at once?

How about a map addon that will give you coordinates to each instance or city? Or, maybe you want one of those fun game addons that will allow you and your guildies to play chess, checkers, or even Tetris? There are literally thousands of different addons out there, and you need to make sure that you know which ones you want before you start downloading. Keep in mind that addons do take up space on your computer and can make your World of Warcraft game time lag behind.

Ok, you’ve made a small list of the addons that you’d like to find. You know what you need and you’re ready to search the web for the perfect addons. But, where and how do you get these great addons? Have no fear, my friend, here are some of the best places to grab what you need!

World of Warcraft main site – You can find a long list of great addons that Blizzard approves of here on the main site. You can search by type and see a list of the addons and a description of what they do to help your toons out. You will find auction house addons, map coordinates, guild bank addons, and more here. This is a great way to find addons that you don’t have to worry about Blizzard banning.

Curse Gaming – One of the most comprehensive addons lists on the web is on Curse Gaming. Everything that you could possibly want for your toons, including chess and other games that you can play with other WoWers is here. Broken down by category, and then listed by name, you will find ratings for each addon from players who have downloaded it and used it.

Curse Gaming is the best place to find addons for everything you can possibly think of, from auction house addons to enchanter’s helpers to in WoW games to addons that will combine all your bags into one. There are so many addons here that it might actually be hard to figure out which ones you truly want. – Yet another great place to find wonderful addons that will help you improve everything about your toon, guild, and quests. You can find the latest addons here, and the site does a great job of ensuring that all the addons are the latest editions and will work with new patches that Blizzard has put out for the game. You’ll find a complete breakdown of all the great things that each addon does for your toons, as well as how to set it up and instructions on using the addon. You can’t go wrong with this site as they provide so much information that your brain will be on overload.

There are hundreds of addon sites on the web today and if you don’t find what you are looking for with these sites, you can continue to search out some of the other addon sites. Remember that there are both new and old versions of most addons, and you want to make sure that you have the most up-to-date versions to ensure that they work properly with World of Warcraft’s patches that are put out each week.

There are also some addons that Blizzard doesn’t like, as they consider some of them cheating, and they will ban your account for these. Most of the addon sites will tell you up front if Blizzard doesn’t like these, since it doesn’t do them or their site any good to get your account banned. So, if a site tells you that an addon isn’t liked by Blizzard, it’s best not to download it.

Also, last but not least you must pay attention to the site where you are downloading your addons from since some players make addons or implement code into an existing addon that is used to steal your account. It is recommended that you always do a virus scan with any file you download not just WoW addons. Better safe than sorry! With that said you will be fine downloading from the above sites since these sites are authority sites but it never hurts to scan a file just in case.

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