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World of Warcraft Druid Talent Builds for Leveling

After realizing that most guides found the internet were focused on the most played characters classes in World of Warcraft. (I know, I know…..DUH!)

I decided to bring along a much needed druid guide to powerleveling.

It took a while to find one on the internet that many people have used and feel like it is the best one to post here to help druids out. Anyway, i’ll be quiet now and let you get on with checking out the guide.

NOTE: This build is a bit tweaked toward a PvP server as that is the kind of server that I play on, so you might need to tweak it a little bit for PvE. I’ve also assumed that you’ll be soloing right up until 60 (if you start doing high end instances before then you’ll probably be forced to re-spec Resto like the rest of us are).

Also bear in mind this sequence may have a few steps which look pointless but in fact those steps are in there to jump to the next useful talent.

Lvl 10 - Nature’s Grasp - rank 1/1
This is for the sole reason that it’s an EXCELLENT backup when you get ganked. Hammer it on and RUN (if you can’t heal and sort them out)

Lvl 11 - Lvl 15 - Ferocity - rank 5/5
As we’re going to be concentrating on levelling as fast as possible we’re heading up the Feral Tree as fast as possible. Ferocity is a better choice than Feral Aggression as FE is more for protection, whereas Ferocity helps with attacking.

Lvl 16 - Lvl 20 - Feral Instinct - rank 5/5 OR Thick Hide - rank 5/5
This is entirely based on your style of play. If you enjoy sneaking up behind enemies in cat form and then shredding them up go for Feral Instinct. If you prefer to just dive straight in and not bother with stealth go for Thick Hide.

Lvl 21 - Lvl 23 - Sharpened Claws - rank 3/3
6% Crit chance increase. Nice little boost for your feral fighting.

Lvl 24 - Feral Charge - rank 1/1
Great for duels, 1v1 PvP and stopping mobs tagging other ones.

Lvl 25 - Feline Swiftness - rank 1/2
Nothing really significant but a little extra speed in cat form.

Lvl 26 - Lvl 28 - Predatory Strikes - rank 3/3
Attack Power increased by 150% of your level. Now that’s a bit better huh?

Lvl 29 - Lvl 30 - Blood Frenzy - rank 2/2 OR Primal Fury - rank 2/2
Decision time again. Do you fight more in Bear or Cat? Blood Frenzy = Cat, Fury = Bear.

Lvl 31 - Faerie Fire (Feral) - rank 1/1
Saves you having to cast it in caster form. Also helps us get toward better talents.

Lvl 32 - Lvl 33 - Savage Fury - rank 2/2
20% increase to damage by many of your feral strikes.

Lvl 34 - Feline Swiftness - rank 2/2
Stepping stone.

Lvl 35 - Improved Shred - rank 1/2
Less energy used for Shred… Meh…

Lvl 36 - Lvl 40 - Heart of the Wild - rank 5/5
Increases your Intellect by 20%. In addition, while in Bear or Dire Bear Form your Stamina is increased by 20% and while in Cat Form your Strength is increased by 20%!!! Now this is what I’m talking about!

Lvl 41 - Leader of the Pack - rank 1/1
Increase in melee crit chance.

Lvl 42 - Lvl 43 - Blood Frenzy - rank 2/2 OR Primal Fury - rank 2/2
Balancing the Cat and Bear choice from earlier.

Lvl 44 - Improved Shred - rank 2/2

Lvl 45 - Lvl 48 - Improved Nature’s Grasp - rank 4/4
Stepping stone. Can be useful tho as it increases your rooting chance.

Lvl 49 - Lvl 53 - Natural Weapons - rank 5/5
10% Damage increase to all strikes.

Lvl 54 - Omen of Clarity - rank 1/1
Gives you a free attack/spell when it activates (the faster you melee the more it’ll activate so daggers and cat form help)

Lvl 55 - Lvl 57 - Natural Shapeshifter - rank 3/3
30% decrease in the cost to shapeshift.

Lvl 58 - Lvl 59 - Brutal Impact - rank 2/2
Slight increase in stun duration for your Bash and Pounce. May also work with Feral Charge but unsure.

Lvl 60 - Respec Resto so you can go and fight big nasty monsters or stay the same if you play on Muchos PvP goodness.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check out the other guides to powerlevel like a pro in WoW.


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