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WoW Hunter Pets Guide - How To Choose The Right Pet

Hunters are like warriors in the World of Warcraft, they are strong, dependable, and have great skills to move up the levels swiftly.

While a hunter and warrior are alike in many different ways, the hunter is also kin to the warlock in the fact that they can have a pet to use as a tank to draw the mob’s damage off of them. But, unlike a warlock, the hunter can train and use just about anything for their pet.

This is great in the fact that it will allow you to train all sorts of different animals, reptiles, and monsters to use as pets in different areas of the game.

With each different type of pet you train, you will gain a new ability that you can then pass on to your main pet. Some of the different areas of training that you can use for your pet include: bite rank and claw rank.

Like the warlock, you can keep a couple of pets at a time. To do this, you should find one main pet that you really like to use and when you want to train something else to learn a new skill, you can stable this pet so you have the ability to go out and train another. Most larger cities will have stables where you can “park” your main pet in order to train a new one. (These are usually located in an open space in the center of the city, near the mail box or the flight master.)

But, unlike the warlock, when you are training a new pet and using one for a tank, you will need to feed it. Different pets prefer different foods, such as meat, fruit, and eggs, all of which you can find through vendors in each town. When you are training your pet, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough food for the both of you so neither of you suffer. Because the two of you will need food, cooking is a must have for the hunter so you can use the raw meat that you loot from mobs to help feed both you and your pet.

As you level through the game, you’ll find that with each different level you hit, you’ll gain new spells and abilities. From tracking to marksmanship, each different ability will enhance your skills and allow you to send your pet in to tank, while you use your weapons from afar to kill the mob.

By practicing this skill, you’ll be able to gain more xp without gaining too much damage that you will have to heal on yourself. You should start to practice sending in your pet as soon as you gain the ability to train a pet.

To choose the right pet, you should try all sorts of different ones. Some players stick to cats due to their swiftness and strength and their ability to heal fast. Other players prefer boars for the same reasons. And, there are those that prefer reptiles, such as the scorpids, for other reasons. No matter what your personal preference is, you should always train new pets throughout your time in the World of Warcraft to get a full range of the different abilities and skills that come with each different type of pet.

While you are training different animals and reptiles for your pets, keep mental notes about which one’s you like better than others and why. (This will help you to choose your main pet later in the game.) If you find a pet that you like along the way, keep it and stable it when you need to train other types of animals for their skills. By doing this, you will ensure that you have the perfect pet for you.

When you start to run instances with a group, you should find the best and most powerful pet for that instance. Cats, boars, and bears are always great choices for instances due to their strength and speed in a fight.

You can choose which you prefer, as cats are great for instances where you need stealth to sneak on mobs, bears are great for brute strength for large mobs, and boars are great for their toughness and speed as well.

As for which is the best pet, there is no sure fire way to tell, which is why there are so many options in the game for hunters. Try training several different pets and just see which one works best for you as you quest and grind your way through the game. No one can tell you the perfect pet for you, you must learn this on your own through trial and error to see which pet is best for your character.

If you play a WoW hunter and have a guide that you have written and you would like to see it on this website please feel free to drop me an e-mail to get it listed on this site. Be sure to bookmark this page and check out the other guides to improve your hunter and other World of Warcraft characters.


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