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World of Warcraft Guide - Using a lvl 60 Mage To Farm Gold in Scarlet Monastery

Here is another guide that I have found very useful. As many of you know it is extremely difficult to find great guides on the internet and this is a great one to add to the site.

Most guides you find out there are pretty good if you want to only make 20-30 gold per hour.

This guide is pretty easy to do as long as you are a Level 60 Mage, and it can net you at least 60-80 gold per hour. Great guide. Check it out below!

Level 60 Frost Talent Spec Mage (enchanting profession is a bonus)

I have 10 Arc/ 0 Fire/ 41 Frost spec, but Ice block and Cold Snap are most important for this little run.

Go to Scarlet Monastery Cathedral. Run all the way to main Boss Chamber. Will be easy to dodge aggro as you are level 60. Kill pats if you can’t get around. With a little practice you can get there with only 1-2 fights tops.

Once inside you need to move down right or left side and dodge pats so that you are standing close to Mograine without aggroing him. Now the fun begins. But first…

Make sure you have all you spell cooldowns up so you can use everything at your disposal. Make a Mana Ruby for backup mana. You can use potions but these cost money and counter your profit. Your decision.

Ok, now that you are ready you can start the fight. Put up Ice Barrier and pop Mograine with a frostbolt and he will rush you and aggro the whole cathedral to come kill you. Take hits from Mograine until your barrier is removed. You will see the other mobs rushing you from all directions. When Barrier is gone pop Ice Block. This is the focal point of this run.

Ice Block gives you 10 full seconds for all the mobs to gather around you without damaging you. Now they are all nice and packed for some Area of Effect(AoE) blasting!

Ok, as soon as Ice Block expires you want to pop Frost Nova and Ice Barrier again as you strafe (don’t backup, slower movement speed) out of the groups melee range. Now commence to laying on the AoE damage. Remeber that Mograine can’t be Frost Nova’d so that is why you put your Ice Barrier back up since he will be beating on you while you are AoE killing his minions.

Once all the minions are dead, Mograine should be less than 50% so finish him off. Immediately pop Evocation to refill mana because Whitemane is on her way.

As long as you didn’t end up close to her spawn point when you killed Mograine (practice will show you to finish Mograine towards the middle of the chamber) then you will get off a full Evocation for plenty more mana.

Now kill Whitemane and Mograine again when she resurrects him. You’re done!

This little run nets me 6-8g in change not to mention any vendor trash, greens, blues and cloth that drop off all the mobs you just killed. Plus if you are an enchanter you can DE the Boss blues from Scarlet Commander Mograine and HIgh Inquisitor Whitemane sell the shards in AH.

This run take a whopping 10 minutes tops after you run it a few times to get patrol behaviors memorized and I average 12-16g after counting all the change, cloth, random greens and blues, plus shards.

My AoE spell order tends to go like this:

Frost Nova (and strafe away about 8-10 yards)
Flamestrike (immediately followed by)
Cone of Cold
Cold Snap
Frost Nova (and strafe away about 8-10 yards)
Flamestrike (immediately followed by)
Cone of Cold
Blink (away from mobs obviously)
Arcane Explosion (repeat till all dead except Mograine)
Kill Mograine and Whitemane as explained above.

Most of them die in the Blizzard and Arcane Explosion gets the stragglers. And since it will take a little time to get back to the Boss Room again all your cooldowns should be up so you can start fresh!

As far as gear goes, obviously the better your gear the easier this is. Mine is not that great so any 60 mage can pull this off.

I have 5/8 Magister, 3/8 Sorcerer, Orb of the Darkmoon, and 2 Freezing Band. So many folks will have better.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check out the other guides to make HUGE amounts of gold in this game.


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