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Skyguard Rep Guide

World of Warcraft Skyguard Rep Guide

Any player in the World of Warcraft can raise their Skyguard reputation and start out as neutral with them.

The Sha’tari Skyguard is an air wing of the Sha’tar of Shattrath City, defenders of the capital from attacks from the hills.

To raise your reputation with them, you will be battling the Arakkoa of Terokk in the peaks of Skettis as well.

Skyguard has two different outposts, one that lies close to Ogri’la and one that is in the northern area of the Skethyl Mountains.

The Skyguard quests are linked with the Orgi’La Faction in the Blades Edge Mountains, and you will be able to raise your reputation with both by completing some of these quests. When you start out gaining your reputation for Skyguard, you will start two different quest chains.

One will lead you into the Barrier Hills and the other will lead you into the Lower City and then up into the Blades Edge Mountains. The second quest chain will bring your reputation with Ogri’La up first, but it actually makes the grinding easier if you do the quests in the Blades Edge Mountains and the Ogri’La quests at the same time.

One thing that you will need to remember with the Skyguard reputation quests is that most of the quests will require you to have a flying mount already, so you will be level 70 and therefore not gain any experience points for kills.

From neutral to friendly: When you start out on your reputation quests for Skyguard, you’ll start in Shattrath City with the quests given by Yuula, which are “Threat From Above” and “To Skettis!”. “Threat From Above” will have you kill 20 Gordunni Ogres, and turn this in to Yuula, then you’ll get “To Skettis!”, which will have you simply deliver a package to Sky Sergeant Doryn in Skettis.

Once you get to him, he’ll give you the first of the daily quests, which is “Fires Over Skettis” and will have you bombed 20 Monstrous Kalari Eggs. Near him is Severin, who will also give you quests. He will give you “World of Shadows”. Once you complete that quest, you can then get “More Shadow Dust”, which is a daily quest that you can do to gain more reputation points with Skyguard. You can also get “Secrets of the Talonpriests” from Sky Commander Adaris once you have completed “World of Shadows”. Although this isn’t a daily quest, it does gain you good reputation points.

From neutral to friendly: To begin this part of your reputation quest, you must have your riding skill of 300. You will get the quest “In Service of the Illidari” from Mordenai. This quest is fun, as it turns you into a fel orc when you get to the Dragonmaw Base Camp or Netherwing Ledge. It will also turn your mount into a Netherdrake. You have to deliver Illidari Service Papers to Overlord Mor’ghor who is on Netherwing Ledge. He will then give you “Enter the Taskmaster”. This quest will have you find, and speak with, Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath, who will give you the beginnings of the daily quests.

After you turn them all in, you can talk to Skyguard Handler Deesak, who will give you “Hungry Nether Rays”. This quest will have you kill 10 Blackwind Warp Chasers.

You can also get another daily quest, “Escape from Skettis” from any of the Skyguard Prisoners that you find, as this is an escort quest where you simply escort the prisoner to the ground. And, since it’s a daily quest, you can do this one every day as you come across prisoners.

From here, you’ll start another chain that is pretty much just running back and forth for a couple of quests. The chain starts when you kill Ishaal for the “Secrets of the Talonpriests” quest, when he will drop an Almanac that will start “Ishaal’s Almanac”. You’ll take this to Adaris, for that part of the chain.

You’ll then get “An Ally in Lower City” from Adaris, which will have you take the almanac to Rilak.

He will then give you “Countdown to Doom”, which will have you return to Adaris.

Then, you will talk to Hazzik, who will give you “Hazzik’s Bargain”. Once you turn this in, you’ll get “A Shabby Disguise” and “Adversarial Blood” (this second quest is repeatable). You will want to do “Adversarial Blood” as many times as you can, as its one of the higher reputation yeilding quest for Skyguard. You will then get “Terokk’s Downfall”, which is a group quest and you will need 5 good players for it. The good thing about this part is that it earns you 1000 reputation points with Skyguard.

This quest is given by Sky Commander Adaris. After doing the group quest, you should be at least to friendly, or right on the lip of it if you haven’t done a lot of the daily quests.

From friendly to honored: The next area that you will go to for quests is the Blade’s Edge Mountains, where the Skyguard Outpost is. You will actually get a quest from Chu’a'lor (who is Ogri’La), called “The Skyguard Outpost” that will take you there. From that point, you’ll speak to Sky Commander Keller, to turn it in. He will also give you “To Rule The Skies”, which is a group quest, so make sure that you have some friends ready for this one.

You can also get “Assault on Bash’ir Landing”, after you complete the others that he gives you, which will just have you speak to someone and is an easy quest to do to gain reputation points. You’ll then talk to Sky Sergeant Vanderlip who will give you “Bombing Run” which will have you bomb 15 stacks of Fel Cannonballs. Once you finish it, you’ll get “Bomb Them Again”, which is another daily quest.

Then, you speak to Skyguard Khatie, who gives you “Wrangle Some Aether Rays”. Once you finish this quest, you’ll get “Wrangle More Aether Rays”, which is a daily quest. Now, you find Chu’a'lor again, and he will give you “Guardian of the Monument” which is another group quest. After this quest, you’ll get “An Apexis Relic” and then the daily quest “The Relic’s Emanation”.

From honored to exalted: From here, you should be over honored by now, especially if you are doing the daily quests. The next two quests you’ll get from Kronk, and they are: “Banish the Demons” and “Banish More Demons”, which is a daily quest. You will pretty much do the daily quests from here on in until you reach exalted.

You will also get 5 reputation points from any Skettis that you kill in the Skettis Valley, and 2 1/5 reputation points from each Skettis Kaliri that you kill in the Skettis Plateau. So, even though these aren’t a lot, if you grind as you are doing your daily quests, you can rack up some extra reputation points each day.

Your Sha’tari Skyguard NetherRay: Once you hit exalted with Skyguard, you will also need to have a level 300 Artisan riding skill and 200 gold to gain your NetherRay. There are several colors to choose from: blue, purple, green, silver, and red.

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