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Just Some Tips For Arena

I actually just made this guide for fun. And I did not make it prove anything, but to make you think over things you may not knew about.

So, you are level 70, and want so crazy Gladiator Stuff eh?

Let`s say your a Shadow Priest. Who would you go in arena team with (Talking about 2 vs 2)? First of all, make a good specc.. And make a specc you know you will gain control over. Such a waste of money copying a specc from an other player and then you can`t even use it proberbly.

Second: Find a good partner, this is important!! Like we all have seen the classic Pala + Warrior team setup.. Do something like it, like me. I got a SP that is in team with a Demon Warlock! It works very well (Depends what your partner is best to play as). Both classes are kiteing, they both have some nasty debuff and the pet is rather annyoing to have on your a** all the time. they both can stay alive for along time and they have fear.

Third: Work on the teamwork: The teamwork is really important to master. You need to have a tatic, remember that you or your partner will be attacked and will need help .. Dont be shy to use cooldowns, go practice in BG or Practice Arena (Etc.) This will make the teamwork improve.

Its easy 1 vs 1 when you just have to look out for yourself but in the arena its important to stay alive, if your partner dies, you are as good as dead, and if he (or you) dies the sprit on the other team will improve.

Also, if you are a SP (Shadow Priest) I will recomand you to try not to use Shadow Form, because its very nice to heal yourself and your friend while in battle!

I will recommand you to watch some PvP (Arena Movies) and look what they do. I also highly recommand you to watch — "I suck at Duelling" 1,2,3 and "I suck at PvP"
the movies owns and you can learn quite alot from them, you can find the movies on

Actually just made this guide for fun so dont bash me for trying to help.


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