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Ogrila Rep Guide

World of Warcraft Reputation Guide for Ogrila



Ogri’la is located on the western edge of the Blades Edge Mountains between Forge Camp Terror and Forge Camp Wrath. You can only access Ogri’la by flying mount or flight form. The easiest way to reach Ogri’la is by flying dead west of Sylvanaar.

General Information

Ogri’la is a village of ogres who have overcome their brutish nature and broken away from the domination of the Gronn lords. They are in constant battle with the Dragons of the Black Dragonflight, the Burning Legion, and the Gronn lords that still hold control over many of the ogre communites of Blades Edge Mountains.

According to lore, the ogres’ proximity to Apexis formations is what have enabled them to attain a higher level of civilization than other ogres. The Ogri’la ogres are aided by the Sha’tari skyguard and players that have defeated the Sons of Gruul.

Apexis shards and crystals are the currency of Ogri’la. After attaining enough reputation with Ogri’la to purchase rewards, you will need to use Apexis Shards and Apexis crystals to buy them. Apexis shards come as rewards for the daily repeatable quests that are available to you in Ogri’la. They can also be looted from nearby beasts and from Apexis formations.

Many of the Rare and Epic quality items sold on the reputation vendor also you to have some of the much less common Apexis Crystals. Apexis crystals can only be looked from the summoned dragons and demons in the zone. These are elite boss mobs that mimic many classic raid bosses on a smaller scale. It requires 35 Apexis Shards to summon these bosses and a balanced party of five players is needed to defeat them. Each party member will be able to loot one Apexis Crystal.

Flasks and More….

Apexis shards also serve as currency for acquiring special flasks, found from different dispensers across the map. These flasks can only be only be used in Blades Edge Mountains and Gruul’s Lair, and will save you hundreds of gold when raiding that instance. Once every two hours, a group of Sha’tari Skyguard will launch an attack against Bash’ir Landing to the north east. They fly out from the Skyguard Base.

Three waves of enemies will spawn and attack the Skyguard NPC’s, each wave stronger then the previous. It is your job to ensure that the Skyguard NPC’s survive for as long as possible. If all of the Skyguard NPC’s are killed the event ends. At the end of each wave a boss has to be defeated. Once he is defeated a vendor will appear to sell special items. Three different vendors are available, but only one will spawn for each wave defeated.

The first sells special flasks that cannot be attained at any other time. The second vendor to spawn will sell rare gems. The third vendor to spawn will sell rare meta gems. You must use Apexis Shards as currency for these vendors. The waves and subsequent bosses that spawn during this event get increasingly difficult. In order to complete the event, a well organized raid of at least 25 people is needed.

Gaining Ogrila Reputation

The quest line for gaining reputation with Ogri’la begins in Lower City and leads to an ogre named Mog’dorg the Wizened in Blades Edge Mountains. He will give you three quests to destroy the three Sons of Gruul: “Grulloc Has Two Skulls”, “Maggoc’s Treasure Chest”, and “Even Gronn Have Standards”.

You will need a balanced five person group to complete these quests. After your group has completed these three tasks, return to Mog’dorg the Wizened and he will send you on two more five-man quests. After completing these you will attain Neutral standing with Ogri’la and will be able to acquire quests there.

Do all available quests in Ogri’la and the Skyguard base, including five-mans. Doing so will open up daily repeatable quests, often known simply as “dailies”. At Neutral reputation you can open unlock three different daily quests. These quests give 500 reputation points each, as well as 15 apexis crystals. They are, “The Relic’s Emanation”, “Wrangle Some Aether Rays!”, and “Bombing Run”.

At honored reputation you will then unlock another daily: “Banish the Demons”. It is at this point that you will also be able to do the Shartuul event. While doing your daily quests you will encounter an item called a “Depleted Crystal Focus”. When this is combined with ten Apexis Shards it becomes a “Charged Crystal Focus”. While it looks like – and can serve as – a normal Health Stone, it is best saved for completing the Shartuul event where these will be required to enhance the demons under your control. As said in the tool tip of a “Charged Crystal Focus”, Kronk in Ogri’la can tell you all about the Shartuul event.

Ogrila Reputation Rewards






Blue Ogre Brew

3 Apexis Shards

Mana potion, can only be used in Blades Edge Mountains and Gruul’s Lair

Red Ogre Bre

2 Apexis Shards

Health potion, can only be used in Blades Edge Mountains and Gruul’s Lair


Apexis Cloak

1 Apexis Crystal and 50 Apexis Shards

Rare quality cloak for healers

Crystalforged Trinket

1 Apexis Crystal and 50 Apexis Shards

Rare quality trinket with +AP “use” and +7 Weapon Damage

Ogri’la Aegis

1 Apexis Crystal and 50 Apexis Shards

Rare quality shield with two red sockets, devense and block value bonuses

Cerulean Crystal Rod

1 Apexis Crystal and 50 Apexis Shards

Rare quality wand with Sta, Int, and damage/healing bonus


Crystalline Crossbow

4 Apexis Crystals and 100 Apexis Shards

Epic quality crossbow with Agi, Sta, and hit rating

Crystal Orb of Enlightenment

4 Apexis Crystals and 100 Apexis Shards

Epic quality caster offhand

Shard-bound Bracers

4 Apexis Crystals and 100 Apexis Shards

Epic quality leather bracers with a blue socket, Agi, Stam, and 42 AP

Vortex Walking Boots

4 Apexis Crystals and 100 Apexis Shards

Epic quality plate boots with Str, Sta, yellow and blue sockets, and crit rating.

Ogri’la Tabard

10 Apexis Shards

Purely decorative tabard

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