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Shaman Healing Guide

WoW Shaman Guide To Healing

For the shaman, each battle brings a new set of challenges and rewards. Luckily, your class is so diverse that you can play many different roles: caster, tank, and healer.

Being a tank is pretty easy, you simply have to watch your back and keep your health up, and being a caster is simple as well, and a great way to help friend out in a fight.

But, being an effective healer can sometimes be a challenge until you learn the in’s and out’s of it.

Before you can become an effective healer for a group, you need to master the totems and elements as well as gain all the healing spells that you possibly can. While the different elements and totems will take you a bit to gain and master, you can gain enough to be fully effective by level 10.

Your healing spells, and resurrection, will also be learned by then as well, so you can begin to run instances with a group and gain the great xp that comes with them. But, don’t try to run an instance that is more than five levels above you. While your group members can help to keep you alive, it will take a large toll on your healing abilities and your health as well. So, it is best to run instances that are your level or only a couple higher than you are.

As you continue to level up, you should always get new spells and abilities any time that you can. This will ensure that you always have the most powerful versions and newest abilities and spells for your class when you head into battle. Having the best spells and abilities will only help you when you are trying to find a group for an instance, and will allow you access to more xp as you level.

As you are moving up in the ranks of the World of Warcraft, you should try to use your healing spells as much as you can. Whether it is with a group on a quest, or by yourself, you should try to use them when you can. Place your healing spells on your hot keys so they are easily accessible when you need them, because in a group situation, you’ll have to use them often and quickly. You should also place these spells together and not spread them out over the different keys so you have to search for them when you need them.

Now that you are ready to join a group, you should start to keep a constant watch on your group members’ health bars. When they begin to get low, heal them. If several are getting low at the same time, you should start with the lowest one and work your way around until you have gotten them all healed and continue around again, making sure that all your group is fully healed.

Make sure that you have plenty of mana drinks or potions, as you will surely need them while in an instance. And, if you have a warlock in your group, ask for a soulstone to help resurrect yourself if you die.

You should also use your totems as much as possible. Healing, mana, and buff totems should always be placed as soon as a battle begins to give the maximum amount of help possible. Make sure that you can also offer and use any buffs that you have that will help you or any of your group members. Different classes can offer different buffs that will help you with agility, strength, stealth, health, armor, and more.

Sometimes there is just no way to keep everyone alive when you are fighting, especially if someone accidentally aggros a high level, elite mob.

When this happens, you should keep yourself at a safe distance if possible or be able to run to get away from the mobs so you can go back and resurrect your group members. If there are a lot of mobs still over your group, you should find out what the others in your group want to do.

When you resurrect them, remember that they will be at half health, so you will need to heal them quickly as well to help keep them alive until you can escape that mob or kill it.

The main thing that you need to remember when you are a group’s healer is to keep a constant watch on everyone’s health. A good healer will make sure that everyone in their group survives each battle and in turn, that group will help them gain the items that they need for their quests. Once you have earned the reputation as a good healer, it won’t be hard to find a group to run with, no matter which instance you want to hit.

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