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To clarify, won’t affiliate with just any old site, we are generally looking for high quality and established sites that will offer something to our visitors. We receives well over 500 unique visitors everyday, and whilst it’s not required that your site be receiving the same amount of traffic, unless your site receives at least 200 unique visitors a day and is a quality site, you application won’t even be reviewed.

Want to advertise on is a highly popular Game MMORPG site with over 500 unique visitors a day, and growing each month. We have a Google Page Rank of 4, and would be a valuable and highly relevant inbound link for any gaming site. If you wish to advertise with us we normally like to opt for a standard text link to be place in our affiliate section at the price of $30 a month. This would be a site wide link and would feature on hundreds of our ranking pages acting as a great way to improve your search engine rankings and building your inbound links. If you would like to arrange something different please mention it in your email submission.

Want to submit an article for our Article Links?
Please if you have an article make sure that it is an original article and your work. It can be about almost anything related to Game of WoW as long as it is interesting and appropriate. You can find out more about the sort of guides we are after in the Articles section.



About Author

I will list all the guides that I use pretty much on a regular basis, rated, and would recommend to my mother (if she played WoW), so you will not have to go through the trouble (and cost) of buying a bunch of guides that simply do not work. So I guess this really is what I would consider a guide of the World of Warcraft guides.


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