Darkmoon Faire Guide

World of Warcraft Darkmoon Fair Guide

The Darkmoon Fair is just another fun thing to do in World of Warcraft. Mostly just fun and games but is there anything profitable that can come from it? This guide covers not only what the Darkmoon Fair itself is but also some profitable items that can come in handy for you!

The darkmoon fair comes to Mulgore or Elwyn forest once a month. There are no guards so it is possible to attend the other factions fair. THe muglore 1 is south west of Thunder Bluff while the Elwyn forest fair is next to Goldshire.

The fair comes with many fun and exciting options. You can exchange items for tickets which you can buy thigns with. You can use a massive cannon which fires you into the air a long way. You can buy extremely potent ale very cheaply. And last but not least you can give in Decks of cards scattered across Azeroth, to combine into an epic trinket.

The Epic Neck:

A good gear could mean Victory or Death when you fight someone or something (PvP, PvE, Grind, Instances).

For a “little” favor or whit a little work you can have an Epic Trinket!
The “Male” classes could profit mostly (DD Warrior, DD Paladin, Rogues or Hunters too) from the First one:

Amulet of the Darkmoon:
+10 Strength
+19 Agility
+10 Stamina

The second is Caster based (Maga, Priest, Paladins…)

Orb of the Darkmoon:
+11 Stamina
+8 Spirit
Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 22.

I counted a little, and it comet out, That it can be “gathered” from 1 Gold 20 Silver – To ~190 Gold PLUS

"How To"

When Darkmoon Fiery event is active, you can complete Q-ts to obtain tickets. And that is what we need. The Q-ts are repeatable, and that’s our luck! The “cheapest” Q-t items what you can give down till you have the 1200 ticket is Thorium Widget! Is an Engineering “component”.

1200 tickets = Epic Neck (one from above)
The Q-ts are Profession based, but this can be tricked out!
You will need a “Schematic: Thorium Widget” (Limited supply: 1G 20S by Vendors, 3G-10G+ at AH) If he knows it, even better for us

First: You need to find someone who has Engineering around lvl 260 (needed to create Thorium Widget-s) and tell him that you “pay” his Engineering skill to 300 if he helps you.

Now the numbers and the Countings
By the turn ins, you could count so:
6 Thorium Widget = 20 Darkmoon Fiery Ticket
1200 Ticket needed -> 1200:20 = 60 (turn ins total)
60*6 = 360 Thorium Widgets needed

Take 3 Thorium Bars + 1 Runecloth to create a Widget
So we need:
3 Thorium Bars * 360 Widgets = 1080 Thorium Bars (54 Stack)
1 Runecloth * 360 Widgets = 360 Runecloth (18 Stack)

You can farm Runecloths at “Trys Hand” from humanoids, or from Stratholme, Solomance, etc. Or You can by everything from AH 1 Gold - 2 Gold / stack (at 1,5 gold -> 18stack*1,5= 27 Gold)

162 Gold
+27 Gold
1,2 Gold
190,2 Gold

The Engineer makes the Widget (He levels up to 300 by the first 60-70), You turn in the Widgets, get the tickets and then “buy” your Neck. Everyone is Happy (I choused this one)

OR The other way:
You can turn in: Rugged Armor Kit
5 Rugged leather per Kit -> 8 Rugged Kit per turn in -> 40 Rugged Leather per turn in
1200 tickets - 60 turn ins => 40 * 60 = 2400 Rugged Leather needed to this.
480 Rugged Armor Kit needed in the end

You can farm it in Felwood, or in Winterspring (Guides to this you will find here somewhere ) Or Buy the Rugged leather in AH 1G-3G / stack (120 stack needed=> 120G-360G AND you need someone who can make it)

Or Buy the Rugged Armor Kits in AH 0,7G-2G+ (you will need 480! -> 336G-960G+ -> And when you BO all the Armor kit the price will go UP)

Ok here goes the one with dense stone:

SO you need 1200 tickets which = 60 x 20 hand ins AS the hand ins for Dense Stone are Grinding Stone you need 8 grinding stone for each hand in. Each Dense Grinding Stone requires 4 Dense Stone. Therefore = 4×8 for each hand in which equals 32 stone for 20 tickets So overall it equals for needed stone 60 x 32 This equals to 1920 Dense Stone

On my server Dense Stone is 2g but I’m sure it was a lot less when i bought all mine around 1g to 1g 50s. But I didn’t buy from AH as that is more expensive. But I’m using AH price which is around 2g.

So to find out the price you do 1920 divided by 20 then x 2
This equals to 192g.

But this is AH price and I bought it from people who had a large supply and couldn’t sell them. SO try to find people who have a large amount of it as then you may get it for a cheaper price. Also try to be nice to people as that helps.

Also another good way to do this is to farm thorium and mithril as these nodes drop this stone. ALso you can use the thorium for the above ones or sell it to buy more.

BUt price variues on each server and i would advice trying to buy for around 1g 50s to 1g 80s. This makes the price around 175g.


- The Tickets are Soulbound when you get them, so turn it in only whit your main Char. The widgets and the Armor kits are free to trade / mail.

- When you turn in the tickets by every turn, you gain +100 Repu, so at the end you will gain 5400 Reputation! (Whit the Widget Turn ins, but I don’t know the Rugged armor patches Repu per turnin)

- You will need a “store” character for all that stuff, if you don’t have one or to already, but his Bank must be Empty.

- CT or other “Mass Mail” mods are strongly recommended, to these massive item movements.

To the next part which is on the cards

The Card Decks:

Across the world, there are scared decks of cards. When given in these each give an epic trinket in return. THis is the stats of them:

There are four sets of card decks which can be turned in for trinket rewards. To collect a set you must find all eight cards for the deck. The aces are dropped only by certain elite bosses, and the remaining cards are blue (rare) drops off of Level 45-60 Undead and Humanoid mobs.

* Darkmoon Card: Heroism
Equip: Sometimes heals bearer of 120 to 180 damage when attacking an enemy.

o Ace of Warlords - King Gordok (Dire Maul)
o 2-8 of Warlords - Lvl 45-60 Undead & Humanoids

* Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom
Equip: Chance to strike your melee target with lightning for 200 to 300 Nature damage.

o Ace of Elementals - Hydrospawn, Lord Incendius, The Windreaver, Avalanchion (elite elementals)
o 2-8 of Elementals - Lvl 45-60 Undead & Humanoids

* Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether
Equip: Gives the wearer a 10% chance of being able to resurrect with 20 health and mana.

o Ace of Portals - Darkmaster Gandling (Scholomance)
o 2-8 of Portals - Lvl 45-60 Undead & Humanoids

* Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon
Equip: 2% chance on successful spellcast to allow 100% of your Mana regeneration to continue while casting for 15 sec.

o Ace of Beasts - The Beast (Upper Blackrock Spire)
o 2-8 of Beasts - Lvl 45-60 Undead & Humanoids

As you can see these cards can drop of many different types of mobs. It is just the aces which are hard to find. How ever the ace of elementals can be farmed by any level 60, its better with 2 as you can easily avoid the mobs. I did it as hunter with druid but i didnt even use feign death once. Each of these trinekts is extremely good and i am currently trying to find the caster ones. Unluckily they are also the rarest of them all so im finding it hard.

Tank Games:

This is the bit i like, cos im a child inside…. Ok what it is, is a little control which youc an use which then creates a tank. In SW 4 of them can fight at once not sure in mulgore. THey can only attack each other and its very fun. They are basically little toy cars which you control. Each have a rocket and a speed boost but they also have special abilities. Some have motars and others flame throwers and shields. Overall its a very nice little feature which i rather enjoy. Make a competion with your guild who ever wins gets a few gold or something.

Big Cannon

THis is situated to the east in Elywn forest and im not sure in the Mulgore one. How ever what each of them is send you flying with attached wings. Each shot makes you go the same way, each one over a pool of water with a target. You are meant to get in this by getting rid of your wings. You do this by right clicking them. See its not all for the high levels.

In mulgore if you do not do this you will die when you hit a tent. Not very nice, nice big repair bills for me. In elywn you manage to hit a tree if you dont take them of so no damage which is kinda wierd. Face first into a tree and no damage. hmmmm ^^


Basically this is a fat little toad which you can require. You have to be high level to obtain it. All you do is throw 1 Dark Iron Ale mugs, another is needed for later, near Morja and her JubJub will appear. These ales come from BRD but they are tradeable to get a unique pet. They come from the bar area and it normally starts a fight if you steal them. I am not sure if youc an buy them but clear the placee then take is a better idea. How ever, in the end Morja has a question mark over her ehad and talk to her and she will ask for another. Give to to her and she givers you a jubjub egg. This takes a week to hatch and then you can a truely rare and unique pet…


From the drink salesman comes a very cheap beer. I stack up on his as it is the strongest ingame and also is extremely cheap. I make trips to mulgore just to get this on my ally characters. Well worth the journey in my opinion.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check out the other guides to make HUGE amounts of World of Warcraft gold in this game or powerleveling guides.

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