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WoW Guide,World of Warcraft Guides,WoW Gold,Leveling Guides https://wowgolds.org Just another WordPress weblog Sun, 13 Jan 2008 07:06:25 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.3.2 en WoW Blacksmithing Guide https://wowgolds.org/wow-blacksmithing-guide/ https://wowgolds.org/wow-blacksmithing-guide/#comments Sun, 13 Jan 2008 07:06:25 +0000 kevinfly https://wowgolds.org/wow-blacksmithing-guide/ So it’s time for you to be a great smith, huh? Let’s get started:

You will want to equip yourself and your friends as your skill rises. If you keep your skill at 25 plus five times your level then you will always be able to make items you can equip at their minimum level. Outside of the items you make because you want to, or to fulfil the Blacksmith quests, there are a series of minimum-material items you can make to advance your skill, mostly consisting of stone, misc. items, and some low-material armour items.

Apprentice Blacksmithing Path:

This is done mostly with stone, saving your copper and bronze bars until later except when you need to equip yourself or your friends or clients. Make Rough Sharpening Stones (turns green at 15 and grey at 55) until you reach 25 and learn Rough Grinding Stones. (Save and use those Sharpening Stones as a combat buff.) Make Rough Grinding Stones (turns green at 45 and grey at 85) until you reach skill 65, keeping them for use later in making other items. Make Coarse Sharpening Stones (green when learned at 65, grey at 80) until you reach 75 and are a Journeyman. Copper items useful as skillups include Copper Bracers (2 copper bars, green at 20), Copper Chain Pants (4 copper bars, green at 50) and Copper Chain Belt (6 copper bars, green at 75).

Journeyman Blacksmithing Path:

At 75 you learn Coarse Grinding Stone, which are green when learned. Make those until they turn grey at 100 and save them for making further items. Turn any tin and copper into bronze bars but save them. Make Silver Rods until they turn green at 105 (and sell them to Enchanters) then make Rough Bronze Leggings (with your saved bronze bars) until they turn green at 145 or even to grey at grey at 175. These take 6 Bronze Bars and sell to the vendors for 9.62 s each, so if you can buy stacks of 20 Bronze Bars for 30 s or less, you can actually make a profit while you skill up. Also at 125 you learn Heavy Grinding Stone. Make these until they turn grey at 150 and keep them for making other items. If you are able to learn the Deadly Bronze Poniard dropped plan at 125 then you can make and sell it at a profit until it turns green at 155 and grey at 185. The Patterned Bronze Bracer (green at 150) is required for a Badlands quest. At 145 you learn to make your first rare (blue) item, the Shining Silver Breastplate (green at 175) which sells well.

Expert Blacksmithing Path:

Beginning at 150, make Rough Bronze Leggings until they turn grey at 175. Iron Buckles are easy but turn grey at 155, while Golden Rods turn green at 155 and grey at 160. Golden skeleton keys are green when learned and grey at 170. You will want to equip yourself and friends with the Green Iron Set and that will provide some skillups. If you are lucky enough to learn the Iron Shield Spike plan at 150 then you can make and sell these at a good profit until they turn green at 180 and grey at 210. Another profitable drop is the Iron Counterweight, green at 190 and grey at 210. At 200 you learn Solid Grinding Stone so make those until they turn grey at 210. To get from 210 to 225, make Golden Scale Bracers to 215, then make Steel Plate Helms to 225. You will also be equipping yourself with the Golden Scale armour set and the Moonsteel Broadsword is required for a quest in Duskwallow Marsh. A number of expert weapons and armours are saleable, including the rare Green Iron Hauberk at 180 (green at 205, grey at 230).

Artisan Blacksmithing Path:

At 225 make Steel Plate Helms until it turns green at 235. Then make Mithril Spurs to 250 (turns green at 255). At 250 make Dense Sharpening Stones until they turn grey at 260. The Heavy Mithril and Ornate Mithril armour items are good for their level, so you can also skill up some on making the mithril items for the Mithril Order quests. The Ornate Mithril Boots are popular with warriors for their remove root effect and they (and the Ornate Mithril Helm) turn green at 265. Go back to Mithril Spurs (which are readily saleable) until they turn grey at 275 and then make Thorium Bracers to 280. Now make Thorium Helms to 300. An alternative is the Imperial Plate armour set, starting with the Imperial Plate Belt and Shoulders at 265, Bracers at 270, and then Helm and Boots at 295. While these use more thorium than the Thorium armour items, they can be sold for a profit even if you buy the materials.

Specialty Path:

As an Armorsmith or Weaponsmith you can skill up making the items for your specialty Quest. Be sure to make them as soon as you learn them, and save the items to turn in for the quest, so you get your skillups. An Armorsmith can then skill up with Truesilver Gauntlets until they turn green at 245 (or grey at 265) and Truesilver Breastplate until it turns green at 265 (or grey at 285). Those are both saleable items. A Weaponsmith can gain skillups with the Shatterer, Phantom Blade, Blight and Truesilver Champion, as these are also saleable.


There is no one best path up because it depends on which dropped plans you get a hold of, which specialty you take, and which items you can make for guild mates or sell that give skillups, which will vary by guild and server. It also depends on whether you learn every plan going up or only the bare minimum because you are trying for a truly lowest cost or fastest power-levelling run up to 300. The path I outlined is a fairly optimal approach but it does include obtaining some dropped plans at the right times.

The faster you try to skill up the more it will cost you because you are likely going to have to vendor much of it. The market can only absorb so much of any one item. Whenever possible, spread out the items you make over time or make a variety so that you do not overload the market. If you want to minimize cost by selling your items, look at the Auction House to see which desirable green or blue items that give skillups are lacking or in short supply and go for them, bypassing those that are in large supply already. Remember that an item that costs 2 g to make is better than one that costs 1 g to make if you can sell the first for a profit but the second sells for a loss.

An example of this is the Imperial Plate Armour set, all of which (except bracer) can be sold for a profit while the cheaper Thorium or Radiant armour items use less materials but do not sell.

Another way to help yourself is to have one of your characters be an Enchanter and disenchant any green item that won’t sell, since you can usually then sell the resulting reagents for more than the vendor would pay for the original item. This can often make it better to make more costly green items rather than the less costly white items, since you cannot disenchant the white items.

New Blacksmith Plans:

A new plan is dropped by Garr in Molten Core: Elemental Sharpening Stone. The rare plan is Bind on Pickup, so this will be a truly rare plan. I note that the plan does not specify sharp weapons, so I wonder if it applies to all weapons or if there is also an Elemental Whetstone plan out there.

Elemental Sharpening Stone [300] Use: Increase critical chance on a melee weapon by 2% for
30 minutes, Requires Level 50 (uncommon)(Rare dropped Bind on Pickup plan from Garr in MC)
- 2 Elemental Earth, 3 Dense Stone (2.5 s)

Another new plan is:

Helm of the Great Chief [300 Armoursmith] 292 AC, +12 Stamina, +30 Spirit, L 56, Mail (Rare)(Rare drop)
- 40 Thorium Bars, 4 Enchanted Thorium Bars, 60 Jet Black Feathers, 6 Large Opals, 2 Huge Emeralds (242.85 s)

This has dropped from Lord Kazzak and from Risen Warrior.

Sulfuron Hammer:

You get the plan by turning in a Sulfuron Ingot to Lokhtos Darkbargainer in the BRD bar. No reputation is required. Sulfuron Ingots are dropped by Golemagg the Incinerator, Molten Core Boss, at a 16% rate ( once in 6 kills). When the Sulfuron Ingot is in your inventory, you will be given a new dialogue option with Lohktos Darkbargainer. Follow this dialogue through to obtain the Thorium Brotherhood Contract.

Once you have the Contract, speak with him again to turn in the Contract and the Sulfuron Ingot for the plans.

Sulfuron Hammer [300] 2H Hammer (143-239) Spd 3.00, Proc: Hurl fiery ball for 83-101 fire + 16 damage over 8 sec., L 60, 63.7 dps, (Epic, Bind on Equip)(Unique BoE plan sold by Lokhtos Darkbargainer in BRD bar for 1 Sulfuron Ingot via the Thorium Brotherhood Contract)
- 8 Sulfuron Ingots, 20 Dark Iron Bars, 50 Arcanite bars, 25 Essence of Fire, 10 Blood of the Mountain, 10 Lava Core, 10 Fiery Core.

That only requires Artisan Blacksmith, however the materials required are extreme. However, there is a reason to make it. You gather the materials to make the Sulfuron Hammer and then kill Ragnaros and get the Eye of Sulfuras drop (6% drop chance)


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]]> https://wowgolds.org/wow-blacksmithing-guide/feed/ WoW High Level Guide https://wowgolds.org/wow-high-level-guide/ https://wowgolds.org/wow-high-level-guide/#comments Sun, 13 Jan 2008 07:02:39 +0000 kevinfly https://wowgolds.org/wow-high-level-guide/

So now that there are more high level characters in Liquid Courage we officers would like to alleviate some confusion that some guild members may be having regarding how strict they are finding high level instance runs.

So what do I mean by “strict”? Due to the intense nature of the high level instances, the time it takes to complete the instance, and the increase in loot drops, the party or raid must be very organized with everyone understanding and performing their role in the party. This organization is necessary and it is up to the RAID leader or manager to ensure that everyone is following the guide lines identified below. No one wants to be in an instance where the party is regularly getting wiped (killed) because people cannot follow directions. If you have not experienced this yet let me tell you it is not fun!

We already started to do a lot of high level instances and we want everyone to enjoy them as they really are a lot of fun! So please read the information below so you will be better prepared to enter high level instances.

Some terms for you to know:

If you have any questions about the following then get with an LC Officer:



Please remember that if you have any problems in instance runs with LC members be sure to contact an LC Officer as soon as possible. If possible have some screenshots of player’s dialogues if necessary.

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]]> https://wowgolds.org/wow-high-level-guide/feed/ Just Some Tips For Arena https://wowgolds.org/just-some-tips-for-arena/ https://wowgolds.org/just-some-tips-for-arena/#comments Fri, 04 Jan 2008 18:59:11 +0000 kevinfly https://wowgolds.org/just-some-tips-for-arena/ I actually just made this guide for fun. And I did not make it prove anything, but to make you think over things you may not knew about.

So, you are level 70, and want so crazy Gladiator Stuff eh?

Let`s say your a Shadow Priest. Who would you go in arena team with (Talking about 2 vs 2)? First of all, make a good specc.. And make a specc you know you will gain control over. Such a waste of money copying a specc from an other player and then you can`t even use it proberbly.

Second: Find a good partner, this is important!! Like we all have seen the classic Pala + Warrior team setup.. Do something like it, like me. I got a SP that is in team with a Demon Warlock! It works very well (Depends what your partner is best to play as). Both classes are kiteing, they both have some nasty debuff and the pet is rather annyoing to have on your a** all the time. they both can stay alive for along time and they have fear.

Third: Work on the teamwork: The teamwork is really important to master. You need to have a tatic, remember that you or your partner will be attacked and will need help .. Dont be shy to use cooldowns, go practice in BG or Practice Arena (Etc.) This will make the teamwork improve.

Its easy 1 vs 1 when you just have to look out for yourself but in the arena its important to stay alive, if your partner dies, you are as good as dead, and if he (or you) dies the sprit on the other team will improve.

Also, if you are a SP (Shadow Priest) I will recomand you to try not to use Shadow Form, because its very nice to heal yourself and your friend while in battle!

I will recommand you to watch some PvP (Arena Movies) and look what they do. I also highly recommand you to watch — "I suck at Duelling" 1,2,3 and "I suck at PvP"
the movies owns and you can learn quite alot from them, you can find the movies on Warcraftmovies.com

Actually just made this guide for fun so dont bash me for trying to help.

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]]> https://wowgolds.org/just-some-tips-for-arena/feed/ Alterac Valley Guide https://wowgolds.org/alterac-valley-guide/ https://wowgolds.org/alterac-valley-guide/#comments Fri, 04 Jan 2008 18:58:00 +0000 kevinfly https://wowgolds.org/alterac-valley-guide/ Things to do(Both Sides):

1. Always have a few defenders at your base to slow down the enemy from getting to your boss.

2. If a player of the other faction passes you, try to kill him/her. You never know, that kill could mean an extra few seconds added on to kill the boss.

3. If someone of the same faction is being attacked, help them, even if you are out numbered, luck does exist

4. Report Leachers/Afkers. These are people who enter the game and dont do anything trying to get the honour from a game. If you go on the world map and right click on these people, you can report them AFK and they turn Inactive, so that they do not recieve honour.

5. Always try and get out of the starting point as fast as possible, for example: Hunter uses Aspect of the Pack, making the rest of the group run faster, and as the gate opens and you get out, mount up.

Things NOT to do(Both Sides):

1. Do not pull the enemy boss outside of its building, because if you do it resets, gaining full health. Thats not good.

2. Never take IceBlood Graveyard or the equivelant to this on Horde side(I play Alliance ) because then the opposite faction will spawn right next to where you are trying to kill their boss.

3. Never try and take the boss before the Graveyard near there has been captured by your faction. If you wait for the Graveyard then lots of people will spawn there and it will be easier to kill the boss.

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]]> https://wowgolds.org/alterac-valley-guide/feed/ General Leveling Tips https://wowgolds.org/general-leveling-tips/ https://wowgolds.org/general-leveling-tips/#comments Fri, 04 Jan 2008 18:55:01 +0000 kevinfly https://wowgolds.org/general-leveling-tips/ Leveling can be a pain sometimes, but by following a few simple guidelines you can make it very easy.

First off, I’ll discuss the three methods of leveling. Questing, grinding and instancing. Everyone has their own opinion of what is the best way to level. Really, if you want to be leveling in a fast and efficent way, you should mix all three methods together.

Now, how does this work? First, you go to the area you want to level in. (E.G. Duskwood, at level 25). Then you head to the major towns/cities and pick up all the quests. Now, go out and do as many quests as you can, but try to not always be running back to town.

Eventually, you will only have group/elite quests left. This is where you run an instance. Pick an instance close to your level, do all the pre-quest work and then run the instance until its starts to get a bit boring.

Then is time to grind. Grinding for long periods of time is very boring, so just grind for as long as you can. Try to find a spot where the monsters die fast and have good drops.

After all of this, your ready to do the elite/group quests. You may be able to solo some, otherwise just find a group to help you.

Now your level is probably high enough to move on to the next zone and repeat the process. Using a mixture of leveling techniques allows you to obtain the benefits of each technique without becoming bored quickly.

There are a few other things that could speed up your leveling.

1. Buy the biggest bags you can, as soon as you can. Early on, you don’t need good armor and bags off the Auction House shouldn’t cost too much.

2. Always loot EVERYTHING. Even grey vendor trash can add up to make some good money.

3. Sell all greens/blue/reagants/cloth on the Auction House. People pay heaps for those.

4. Use your talent points in a way that increases your dps and reduces downtime. The faster you can kill a monster and then jump to the next one, the faster you level.

5. Before purchasing a mount, kill all monsters while you are traveling. This provides an extra boast to your experience.

I hope you found these tips helpful for leveling your World of Warcraft character.

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Aggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a Del.icio.usAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a diggAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a FURLAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a blinklistAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a redditAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a TechnoratiAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a NewsvineAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a Ma.gnoliaAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a Google BookmarksAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a SpurlAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a BloglinesAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a NetscapeAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a DiggitaAggiungi 'General Leveling Tips' a Seotribu
]]> https://wowgolds.org/general-leveling-tips/feed/ Fast leveling Tips (For 1-70) https://wowgolds.org/fast-leveling-tips-for-1-70/ https://wowgolds.org/fast-leveling-tips-for-1-70/#comments Fri, 04 Jan 2008 18:53:54 +0000 kevinfly https://wowgolds.org/fast-leveling-tips-for-1-70/ First off a little infomation about me:
My highest level character is a 67 Paladin, I have a 62 mage and 61 rogue and a load of other alts. Leveling is pretty much my hobby, I find it fun as long as I have the things that I’m going to list off and explain to you below.
I’d like to say one more thing before I go on to the guide, if you get the chance at 60+ to go to the old instances like Zul’Gurub, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, AQ20/40 (Assuming you do the attunements) go to them all at least once, I personally regret not going to my guilds AQ runs because I went in there with some randoms a while ago after we had stopped raiding and enjoyed the encounters. The old instances are still a lot of fun and will always be a challange, though admittedly not as challanging as the newer ones.

But, with all that said and done, onto the guide.

What is this guide about?
Simply what the title says, fast, effective, and boredom free leveling. I’ve done a lot of leveling and the things I’m going to share with you here are what I use for really fast leveling, though it does take a logical way of thinking things through.
Eriyanna of WoW Radio for the list of grinding music.
Jame for their leveling guide.

Do I have to be a specific faction/class/race for this?
No, you do not, this is not a leveling guide like what James has done, though I do advise his guides for leveling once you reach the levels to start them (Alliance: 30, Horde: 21). Your race and class does not really affect your ability to level. Rogues however may want to pickpocket humanoids to get money whilst leveling, but honestly I leveled my paladin and warrior with the occasional instance where they tanked (high repair costs) and still made a lot of money from questing.
It’s worth thinking about what class you are going to play though as some class/race combinations are very nice. Example of this would be human priest, shadow priests get a 5 point talent that doubles their spirit (regen) when dealing the final blow to a target that gives honor or exp. Since human priests get extra spirit they get that extra mana and health regen every fight so less downtime.

Ok, so I can play whatever class/race I want and this guide will help me level faster?
Exactly, the guide doesn’t contain race/class specific tricks/tips, just general fast leveling advice.

The Guide
Ok with all that said and done, if you’re reading now you want to level, so here is my advice.
Part 1 (AddOns)
Being prepared is vital to being fast at leveling, I started a Blood elf recently and within 45minutes (Including bathroom/food breaks) I went from 1-6 in an area I didn’t know. How you might ask, Addons, thats right I’m going to give you a list of the only addons you will ever need for leveling.

  1. Monkey Quest
  2. Cartographer

Thats it, 2 addons and you have already improved your leveling.


Monkey Quest
Ok the reason this improves your leveling is simple, the mod basically brings up a window that lets you track all the quests in your quest log at the same time, you can do the same with the blizzard one but only up to 5 quests. However thats not what makes this great, on your tooltip (when you mouse over a mob or item in your inventory) if it is a quest item/mob it will say "Quest item x/y". Ontop of that you also get the tracked quest text in the window highlights itself when you’re in an area/near an npc mentioned in the quest log. THAT my friends is what makes this mod so great, you can cut down SO much time by using that, I know I have.

Apart from the social aspect of knowing where all your guildies that use the same mod are this mod also marks all quest givers and vendors that you find with a "!", "?" or coin icon, names them, shows what quests they give, if they are completed on your current character, allows you to set a waypoint (Arrow above your character with the distance, direction and how long it will take you to get there) on that npc. This mod is amazing for when you level multiple characters, think about it, you play 1 character from 1 to 70, you have all the quests marked ready for you to do again with your next character and know exactly where to hand each quest in at. It’s such a massive time saver.
All these mods can be found on http://wow-en.curse-gaming.com/files/addons/ (If this does not take you to the WoW Addons search click World of Warcraft, then load the new page, on the left side click Addons) search for them and download them, install them and love them.
A quick guide for those that don’t use addons often, when you download them extract them to your:
J:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns
Basically where you installed world of warcraft, go to that folder, interface, AddOns and install them there.
Load up WoW, log in, go to your realm, on the character select screen make sure your addons are all enabled (You may need to update them, the updates are usually put up on Curse-gaming when they are available), if they are "Out of Date" click use out of date addons and it will most likely still work for a patch or two without being updated.

Part 2 (Logical Leveling)
So you’ve got your Mods, now this is the bit that’s near impossible to teach but I’ll try, Logical thinking.
If you look and use Jame’s Leveling guides you’ll see an example of logical thinking for quests. To level fast you want to go to each location for mob killing as few times as possible and get the most done at once. You’ll find a lot of the time there are 2+ quests in the same area, be it killing 2 kinds of mobs or finding quest items.
The thing you learn from using Jame’s guides is to do circuits of the zone map, completing as many quests as possible in the shortest space of time (complared to doing 1 quest at a time, going back to the npc, getting another quest, doing that, going back etc.), mass quest completion really gives you a massive boost to your exp/hour because you’ve not done 1 quest at a time.

Part 3 (Eera’s philosophy)
"Questing is better than grinding, but grinding whilst questing=good."
This is a saying I’ve used for a long time now, basically if you compare exp per session of someone that has sat their grinding mobs constantly for 3 hours to someone who is doing a lot of quests that involve killing X mobs or getting item Y from Mob Z you’ll find thatthe person that does the quests has a greater amount of exp gain, why, because quests give you exp (Not to mention gold), mobs give you exp also, so combining them gives you the greatest ammount of exp compared to grinding alone. That and it’s much less boring.

What you getting bored of all that questing? I better get onto my next section of the guide.
Part 4 (Music)
Ok this is the part that really helps, more than the mods, more than the logical thinking, more than questing. This is what will help you keep your sanity when you play for hours on end, music.
Thats right, it’s proven, music helps you level a LOT easier. Not just any music though, music that really gets you going, gets you pumped up, keeps you awake.
A good list was written up by one of the DJs for one of the radio stations I listen to (Which will be mentioned shortly) of decent artists to look into for your grinding needs:

  1. DJ Tiesto
  2. Paul Van Dyk
  3. Ian Van Dahl
  4. Orbital
  5. Trance Control
  6. Infected Mushroom
  7. Armin Van Buren
  8. Ayla
  9. Kimball Collins
  10. Kraftwerk
  11. Chemical Brothers
  12. DJ Oakenfold
  13. DJ Sasha & Digweed
  14. SaxionPike


Metal & Things of the Rock or Alternative Persuasion:

  1. Sonata Arctica
  2. Tristania
  3. Black Label Society
  4. Iced Earth
  5. Primal Fear
  6. Symphorce
  7. Lacuna Coil
  8. Within Temptation
  9. Dragonforce
  10. Nine Inch Nails
  11. Drowning Pool
  12. Korpiklaani
  13. Rhapsody
  14. Switchblade Symphony
  15. Type O
  16. Dimmu Borgir
  17. Iron Maiden
  18. Epica
  19. The Gathering
  20. After Forever
  21. Nevermore
  22. Killswitch Engage
  23. Rammstein


Ok so if you’re not into that kind of music and preffer listening to some radio, look at http://www.wcradio.com, shows every day, good conversations and good music in the preshows and the music breaks, good for people that don’t like listening to music all the time.
Ontop of that if you can’t a break from music, if you’re in a guild or a gaming community that has a Ventrilo or Teamspeak server you might want to go on there and talk with them.
Anything that keeps your mind from all the quests your doing and all the mobs you’re killing. It makes the time pass faster and makes it more enjoyable.

Part 5 (Talents)
So you’ve got your Mods, you’ve got your music, you’ve got your philosophy, you (Hopefully) have your logic. What else is there?
Honestly there isn’t much left to mention apart from 1 thing that I touched on earlier, talents.
When you reach level 10 you get 1 talent point, the short description of talents is a way to specialise and improve your character in certain things. You get 51 talent points at lvl 60, 61 and lvl 70.
When you are intrested in leveling your character you want to go for the following kind of things, talents that reduce your downtime (ie. reduced mana cost, increased mana regen), improving the survivability of your pets (If you picked a hunter/Warlock), improving damage done by your pets (If you picked a Hunter/warlock), increasing your damage done by your main spells.
Go for talents in that order:

  1. Reducing your downtime
  2. Improve pets survivability (Warlock/Hunter Only)
  3. Improve pets damage (Warlock/Hunter Only)
  4. Improve your main spells damage


If you have a pet they will take the aggro off of you and do damage so your downtime is a lot lower, you can heal your pets via spells/abilities to reduce their downtime and send them in while you sit and eat/drink if needed.

One final note to be mentioned, while not very important for leveling fast, it’s worth mentioning. You’ll see items on the AH (Auction house) from time to time that you really want to buy, try to avoid buying them as you’ll often find that they are overpriced and are replaced in a few levels with items from quests/instances (Well, blue/purple items anyway, greens tend to be fairly priced).
You might not think it’s that important but if you go and spent most of your gold on items you can find that you don’t have enough gold for your skills when you level up which hurts your leveling speed.
A good rule of thumb is upgrade items every 5 or so levels, buying low level greens is often a bad idea as a few simple instances will often get you fairly decent gear and in most cases earn you money instead of losing it.
If you don’t have The Burning Crusade Expansion pack you may wish to follow the above rules more strickly than those with TBC, mainly because when you get into outlands you will make money so fast from leveling it’s untrue, my paladin is on about 800g even after spending about 350-400g on their epic mount quest at 60, so just by being smart you can make about 1.1-1.2k gold easily in 6 levels.

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]]> https://wowgolds.org/fast-leveling-tips-for-1-70/feed/ WoW Money Making Guide https://wowgolds.org/wow-money-making-guide/ https://wowgolds.org/wow-money-making-guide/#comments Fri, 04 Jan 2008 18:51:14 +0000 kevinfly https://wowgolds.org/wow-money-making-guide/ In this game there are serveral ways to make money, I would like to introduce a few of them in this guide.

Step 1 - Change from Crafter to Gatherer

Change your tradeskill into two gathering skills if you see that your tradeskill doesn’t bring much profit, in fact
tradeskills mostly bring very few profit because there is just too many high level crafters with the time progressing.
Leveling tradeskills or gathering skills in this game is really not hard, at high level it requires maybe 2-3 days of work to max a skill. If there was really some big profit to make with enchanting/leatherworking/smithing/tailoring, don’t you think that other people who can spend more time than you online each day, would have already long ago maxed those tradeskills and started to flood the market with items?

In fact they did; actually shortly after people start to hit 60 on a new server people start to exploit all possible ways to make money to the maximum, so you got two possibilities to make money. You can find a niche, a little secret way of making money, which is extremely profitable but which is not known (well) by other players. As long as your secret stays one, you will continue to make nice money, but be sure that you wont find such a secret on any public forums as spoiling it would also ruin the profit from it. (As soon as people know a way to make money, many start to provide the same sort of item and flood the market with it = decrease of demand = decrease of price = no profit for you)
The second way, which is the interesting way for us, is to provide the market with items that are needed on a large base and that are always demanded. What are those items in general? Right! Ingredients for tradeskills.

Step 2 - Choose your Gathering Skill

Almost every tradeskiller wont, at some point, be able to provide himself with all the ingredients he needs. The more people there are who stick to their tradeskills and don’t want to give them up, the better the profit will be for you. This is why you should choose two gathering skills (cannot choose more than two).
People will ask themselves now… but wait, if I give up my tradeskill I won’t be able to make myself armor anymore? For that problem there is a simple solution, use mostly drop/quest items. If you use items that drop instead of crafted items, you wont be much behind (difference between items you can make and items you find at your level while questing and hunting are mostly very small) and also you will be able to concentrate fully on gathering ingredients which you will sell on the AH. This way you will - in a short and fast way - make a lot more money than any crafter and will eventually be able to buy yourself any crafted item (if you
should really want one).

Now there is only one problem, which gathering skills to choose?
Well this is really your choice and depends on the economy of your server, but I will try to make a general list of the gathering skills, ranking them by how much profit they generate, helping you to get an overview.

1) Mining - Mining is maybe the most profitable gathering skill. Why? It’s used for 3 different tradeskills => Weapon/Armor Smithing + Engineering. Also some ores/metal bars are used for potions and other tradeskills. You can mine several ores from one
mining spot and you can melt the ore yourself to bars.
The other VERY important fact is that you get rare gems from mining spots which are needed for tradeskills and other things. At high levels these rare gems start to pay off a lot, as one arcane crystal for example can be sold for a lot of money on the AH, because it is needed for making Arcanite Bars the most precious and rare metal there is.

2) Skinning - Skinning is also a very profitable gathering skill as you get all your leather while hunting. You have to kill beast type of mobs which can drop different sorts of leather. Sometimes you get rare scales and quest items which are also extremely precious. Skinning is so profitable because you can do it while killing mobs, that means you go into a cave with beasts and kill them for a certain among of time which brings you extra loot + exp as well as loads of leather.

3) Herbalism - Herbs are a bit hard to find, but if you know the spots it becomes actually easy if you have no competition. Herbs sell surprisingly well on the AH and are not offered often. If you really search good spots in high level zones, with not too many people you can make nice money out of this. Especially because you can get up to three herbs from one plant.

4) (Dis)Enchanting - The last and certainly least profitable gathering skill is disenchanting items. You take blue/green/purple drop items and disenchant them to get ingredients for enchanters, who then can enchant armor with stats. This is by far the most
pricy skill to raise as you miss out on all the profit from dropped items which you could sell.
Enchating ingredients can be sold for nice money on the AH, but keep in mind that you will not be able to sell any good item that you see dropping if you take this skill serious. Also you will have to ask and beg in groups to get not needed armor/weapon drops in order to disenchant them, if you dont play in a guild, you will certainly not be successful with your requests often.

Step 3 - Organised Gathering

Now you need to start gathering items. It doesn’t matter if you raise your gathering skills while leveling or as a high level, you will always want to keep these things in min:

  1. Ingredients drop according to zone level. That means, the higher the level of the ingredients you need, the higher level the zone gets in which you have to search.
  2. Always keep up your tracking. If you do mining or herbalism, make sure to ALWAYS have the tracking for those items switched on,
    after dying for example it turnes itself off and you wont see any yellow dots anymore on the map.
  3. Find the good zones. There is certainly better zones than others for gathering skills and good spots for finding beasts to skin, you will have to find your very own favorite spots which are not too crowded, but there are already people who found out about the good zones for gathering. On our forums here you can find a complete compendium of the best zones for each herb for example and there is more to come about this shortly. In the meantime you don’t have to go and search through all zones, you can simply use www.thottbot.com and check where the ingredient you need can be found most frequently.
  4. Make dots on your map. Either use the dot system (from cosmos or insomniax) for making dots where you find certain minings spots/herb locations, or use a mod that will do this for you automatically; you can find one in our download section.
    This will allow you to go directly - without losing time - to the possible spots for ingredients and check if they are up. The longer you do this and the more different paths you take through a zone, the more dots you will get and the faster/more efficient you will become while gathering.
    For skinning its slightly different; here you will most likely find caves with a lot of beasts (like the ape cave in Un’Goro or the Yeti cave in Winterspring), but make dots anyway so you can quickly go to another skinning spot if there is already someone hunting at yours.

Step 4 - Use all Your Options

You will have to combine your gathering skills with a few other things to really make the biggest profit.

  1. While searching ingredients or while waiting on the respawn of your mining/herb spots, KILL THINGS. Kill things as much as you can on your way. Don’t kill any trash like Oozes for example, but kill stuff that drops cloths (humanoid mobs) or mobs that drop other useful stuff.
    If you really don’t get the time to kill mobs on your way then go into instances from time to time. Make sure to find a rule for the loot that is distributed and make sure to always ask if anyone needs an item, if not everyone should roll on this dropped item.. Eventually you will win stuff and be able to sell in on the AH.
    Additionally, in instances you will find a lot of cloths from mobs which you can sell in stacks on the AH.
  2. Always empty your bags before going to gather stuff or before going to an instance. This is extremely important, bag space = money. Therefore try to invest early in 14-16 slot bags to carry as much loot as possible.
  3. When you do quests, and when you don’t need any of the items that are offered as reward, make SURE to always pick the biggest Axe/Sword/Plate Armor. Those sell for a much nicer money than cloth items at the merchant.
  4. Friends who do tradeskills can help. If you got friends who do tradeskills PROFIT from their knowledge and ask them about how the economy goes for ingredients, what do they need the most right now, what is the hardest item to find currently etc.
  5. Make Mules. If you lack bank space don’t buy pricy bank slots, just make a mule and log it in when needed, using the postbox system or a friend or a second computer (if mule is on second account) to transfer items.

Step 5 - Auction House is Your Friend

Now we get to one of the most important factors for money making, the Auction House in short AH. Almost all ingredients/gems/armor pieces can be sold for a bigger money at the AH than to the merchant. Even if the price difference is only 1 gold, it pays off with the time coming. And there we already get to the most important rule about the AH - PATIENCE.
You will have to get to know the AH, it’s prices and it’s moods, it’s times and it’s secrets. Don’t mind studying the AH for a lot of time, it’s well worth it. There are UI mod’s that write down automatically on item windows the prices that they were seen for last time on AH, this makes your work much much easier.
A few things that you need to work out about the AH:

  1. Get to know the prices, play with the prices. Get to know the going prices for items that are offered on the AH. This will allow you to estimate the best prices for your own items and will allow you to even play with these. This means, if you know exactly how much an item is worth normally, why not offer it for a slightly higher price when there is noone else offering the same item?
    Right, this is where the actual profit comes from, knowledge about prices and the AH.
  2. Offer all your items. Even if it might be a bother at the beginning and even if it might take a while, you will get used to it and find out eventually which items sell on the AH at all and which not, allowing you to sell the ones that don’t sell well at all to the merchant immediately.
    You will pretty quickly get the drill and become a pro, you will be able to memorize prices and use them quickly to set values for your goods in order to move on faster to more farming.
  3. Watch the AH. This will allow you to detect certain leaks and holes. Sometimes items like ores are offered in a huge amount and prices drop, you might want to keep your items and sell other things first while waiting for a moment when there is less of these items for sale.
    You might EVEN consider (if you find cheap merchandise on the AH) to buy up all of it yourself and sell it for a higher price afterwards, people will be forced to buy from you and forced to pay the price you set because there wont be any other source for this item, than yours.
  4. Whatever you do, DON’T UNDERBID. People tend to make the prices for items lower in order to sell them faster and to underbid competitors, this however is very narrowminded. It will hurt you in the end and cause you to have to sell your items cheaper and cheaper, getting less and less money in the long run.
    Look at this example: Mostly tradeskillers start off selling crafted items for a big profit, then when competition comes they have to lower the prices and at the end they end up selling their stuff for slightly more than what it cost to make it.
    So if you can prevent a price decrease, rather be patient and leave your items at the same price, eventually they will get bought, even if it takes several tries.
  5. Look at what times items sell the best. This sounds easy but it’s actually something you always have to keep in mind.
    If, for example, you hunt in an instance and get a blue item, you will want to put it on the AH fast. But lets assume that you are playing at a very late time, like 3 am. If you put the auction for your blue item now with a 24h duration, the auction will expire at 3 am the next night, not leaving many people the chance to overbid each other at the end. (most bids are made at the last moments) So always look what is the best, 8h duration or 24h, always check if you shouldnt maybe wait for the next day rather to offer your item for sale, etc…
  6. Always put up buyout prices. Never make auctions for items without having a buyout price. Many people who want to raise crafting or want an armor piece fast don’t want to wait 1 day in order to know if they won an auction or not. This is especially true for crafting ingredients. Imagine you are a crafter, would you want to bid on one stack of mithril bars and then wait like 1 day just to know if you won, although you need the bars now? Most likely you wouldn’t, so always put a buyout. Also there are many people who have a lot of money and really want an armor piece, those will gladly pay the buyout price if they really desire what you sell and if your buyout price is not way too high.
  7. Last point is.. what to put as buyout and what to put as base bid? This is something you will have to find out yourself but a general rule that you can apply at the beginning is, don’t ever go lower than the default base price that is given to you as starting bid. Also if you are not sure what to put as buyout, look at other auctions selling the same item, if there is none, put the double of the base price (+ a bit more maybe) until you get to know the economy. But beware, this is only a vague rule for beginners, getting to know the prices of your AH is OBLIGATORY.

That’s it so far, I hope this helped and if you have any suggestions, please post em.

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]]> https://wowgolds.org/wow-money-making-guide/feed/ Where to farm MageWeave Cloth https://wowgolds.org/where-to-farm-mageweave-cloth/ https://wowgolds.org/where-to-farm-mageweave-cloth/#comments Fri, 04 Jan 2008 18:50:10 +0000 kevinfly https://wowgolds.org/where-to-farm-mageweave-cloth/ This guide will help to obtain fast MageWeave you Cloth and in great
amounts, or that you need money, or like material for your

1. - First , you must go to Stranglethorn Vale, don’t
need potions or anything, mobs are easy enough
(assuming that you are level 38+).

2. - I recommend that you obtain the quest ”Up To Snuff”, you can
obtain at level in Booty Bay 37, I recommend it for a little extra
experience while doing the guide, up to you.

3. - Very well, now we go south of Booty Bay, in ‘ Wild Shore (27,82), there you should see a camp, BloodSail Bucaneers are around there , these
are the carriers of ours appraised MC.

4. - The only thing of which you must take care of is of
the Warlocks, they can be dangerous if they aggro, just don’t let ‘em run. Now ñlet’s start kilingl these
pirates, about to of 5 drop MageWeave Cloth, and when they
do , they drop 2 or 3. If you run out of Buccaneers , you can go west, there’s another camp.

* If you are dping ”Up to Snuff”, any BloodSail Buccaneer can drop
”Snuff”, drop rate is the same as MC *

After half an hour of grinding these Buccaners, you should
have about 30-40 mageweave cloth, 15 snuffs which
you need for quest, and maybe some rare loot,

* What Should I Do Once I Get My MageWeave Cloth? *

- It Solds pretty good at AH, you can check prices at http://thottbot.com

- You can do bendages (if you are Warrior, Rogue, or some other
un-holly class), which are even sold better in AH, or you can keep them

- Some profs. need them for their professions.

Whatever you do whit it, it gaves you money, FAST, AND EASY!

C ya!:

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]]> https://wowgolds.org/where-to-farm-mageweave-cloth/feed/ Making Money - General Gathering https://wowgolds.org/making-money-general-gathering/ https://wowgolds.org/making-money-general-gathering/#comments Fri, 04 Jan 2008 18:48:38 +0000 kevinfly https://wowgolds.org/making-money-general-gathering/ read the other post listed here and although it is true that you can use to gathering skills to make money fast…

There are other ways (evil grin)

Some of these where mentioned but key details where not covered –

Farm specific creatures/areas –

Crafting drops/exp

Farming crafting drops can be done all over the world of azeroth. Things like Large Fangs are used in smithing/tailoring/enchanting/Alchamy. Spider silks come in 3 forms and sell VERY well on ah at times (Spider Silk, Ironweb Spider Silk, Shadow Silk). There is a nitch that i will post here that takes time but imho is worth the effort for a quick buck. The reason that I dont mind posting it is that most dont want to work that hard for the return in the end.
*NITCH* Secondary Skills like Cooking and Fishing can be used to make consumable foods/Pet foods/Transforming foods. Most would snub their nose at this but i personally have made close to 450 gold in 2 days with cooking and fishing on a hard run though sat/sun 12 hours each. How??? Well here goes… As you kill/fish things they drop meats etc. 90% of the items that drop in wow are used in some craft/spell. Some sell for less some more. As i am fighting to get to my "private fishing spot" (dont ask i wont tell 0_0 ) I gather all the items that the monsters are droping that i know are used in some craft. Then I start fishing for delight fish. A delight fish is fun and i wont go into the mods of eating it, but i will say i sell them for as much as 2-5 gold on ah for 5 and i gather about 2 per min.

By cooking the items that you gather you allow users that do not want to get a cooking skill maxed the ability to use them. I sell meats and soups on ah for 30 silver to 3 gold for 5.

Humanoids for cloth

Humunoids drop all kinds of cloth and its used in 4 of the 5 main trade skills, and 1 secondary skill. (linen, silk, mageweave, runecloth, fellcloth) As you encounter humanoid enemies, you can gather about 2-10 stacks within 20-50 min of farming as you pass though. Selling that on the ah when you get back to Ironforge or Orgimmar. Fellcoth is turned to mooncloth by tailors and I sell 2 fellcloth for 2 gold about 5-10 stacks per day everyday.

Quest items

Although this is the most time consuming way to make money it is very easy to do. And once you know the locations of the items you are gathering you will be much faster at it.
Let me start with a few of the big hitters:
Ungoro Crater (lvl 50+) — Shards from the area are used to create buffs and a quest that is located there. Can be sold in the amount of 10 stacks for 1 gold per 10 at the ah in tanaris. They drop by 2-4 at a time and takes 30 min to get a full bag fast.
Ungoro Soil — Used in 3 quest for the alliance and 2 for the horde, this can sell very fast for a quick buck. Ive sold 10 stacks for 50 silver to 2.5 gold depending on demand. At times the demand is SO HIGH I cant keep up with it.
Azshara(lvl 50+) — The hostile gryphons there drop IronFeathers, used in one of the most desired armors on my server. I sell a 10 stack for 5-10 gold and sell 4-15 stacks a day. Also there is an abundance of sea creatures that drop clams. The meat can be cooked, and if your lucky you will walk out with 15-20 gold or black pears to boot .

In closing let me make one point…..


LVL 60 Troll Shaman — 300 mining 300 master axesmith

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]]> https://wowgolds.org/making-money-general-gathering/feed/ Making Gold in the Burning Crusade https://wowgolds.org/making-gold-in-the-burning-crusade/ https://wowgolds.org/making-gold-in-the-burning-crusade/#comments Fri, 04 Jan 2008 18:47:16 +0000 kevinfly https://wowgolds.org/making-gold-in-the-burning-crusade/ Don’t Worry
I’ve seen many people complaining about the price of flying mounts that are coming out. Yes, yes, I admit that I’ve been complaining and still will be because I think they are overpriced but doing a little bit of research I found a couple ways to make your life easier when the Burning Crusade comes out. I’m not in beta but I have a couple of friends that are in beta that sent me some tips. The Outland is supposed to have a lot of money dropping. Also the drops are a lot better then the ones on the "Original World".

There are a lot of new things that are going to come out with The Burning Crusade, especially new trade goods. It is said that you have to lvl your skill up to use the new goods. Since most of your recipies are yellow at lvl 300 you’ll need a lot of goods to lvl the skill up. Here are many of the things that you should stock up. Runecloth. Runecloth is obviously a great thing to farm because it drops a lot. Also they are used for both First Aid and Tailoring. It is also rumored that you need truckloads of Runecloth to hit the next cloth to use the next kind of cloth which is called Netherweave Cloth. Tailors also use Primal Mooncloth and Bolt of Soulcloth. Rugged Leather is also a great thing because before Leatherworkers can make anything with the new leather called Knothide Leather and Heavy Knothide Leather. You start using Knothide Leather at level 320 Leatherworking. You should save up your Thorium Bars. Thorium can get quite expensive so It’s not the main thing you should save up. Blacksmiths will also need Enchanted Thorium Bars because that is another thing that they will need for the expansion until around 315 when they can use Fel Iron. The same applies for the Engineers. Jewelcrafting is using an enormous ammount of the jewels already in the game so get ready to horde them for all the rich people who want to power level Jewcrafting.

Instances will definately get you a lot of EXP and gold while you are trying to hit lvl 70 since the lvl cap is going up. There are going to be a couple of added instances in the new expansion so get ready and don’t worry about your current gear and buy that 200G BoE Epic in the AH. There will be plenty of new items for everyone, including the BoE’s. Remember that if you get a green or higher BoE that you win and if you have no use for it; toss it in the AH which will ring you up some money.

I hope this guide helps you in your experience with the Burning Crusade! Now that’s it from me. Peace.

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]]> https://wowgolds.org/making-gold-in-the-burning-crusade/feed/