General Leveling Tips

Leveling can be a pain sometimes, but by following a few simple guidelines you can make it very easy.

First off, I’ll discuss the three methods of leveling. Questing, grinding and instancing. Everyone has their own opinion of what is the best way to level. Really, if you want to be leveling in a fast and efficent way, you should mix all three methods together.

Now, how does this work? First, you go to the area you want to level in. (E.G. Duskwood, at level 25). Then you head to the major towns/cities and pick up all the quests. Now, go out and do as many quests as you can, but try to not always be running back to town.

Eventually, you will only have group/elite quests left. This is where you run an instance. Pick an instance close to your level, do all the pre-quest work and then run the instance until its starts to get a bit boring.

Then is time to grind. Grinding for long periods of time is very boring, so just grind for as long as you can. Try to find a spot where the monsters die fast and have good drops.

After all of this, your ready to do the elite/group quests. You may be able to solo some, otherwise just find a group to help you.

Now your level is probably high enough to move on to the next zone and repeat the process. Using a mixture of leveling techniques allows you to obtain the benefits of each technique without becoming bored quickly.

There are a few other things that could speed up your leveling.

1. Buy the biggest bags you can, as soon as you can. Early on, you don’t need good armor and bags off the Auction House shouldn’t cost too much.

2. Always loot EVERYTHING. Even grey vendor trash can add up to make some good money.

3. Sell all greens/blue/reagants/cloth on the Auction House. People pay heaps for those.

4. Use your talent points in a way that increases your dps and reduces downtime. The faster you can kill a monster and then jump to the next one, the faster you level.

5. Before purchasing a mount, kill all monsters while you are traveling. This provides an extra boast to your experience.

I hope you found these tips helpful for leveling your World of Warcraft character.

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