So either you just made a character and are wondering,"How do all those 70’s get so much money?" or even, "How can I make just the simplest amount of money?" Well here are you’re answers. They are simple, and easy to perform. I bet you’re wondering, "But, how can it be so easy?" and, "What do I need to do that?"

There’s really only four things you need. Five if you count smarts. "What are those four things?"
1. The addon Auctioneer ( This addon is so good, and I don’t know how I could operate without it. Auctioneer gives you information that people will pay money for! You know when you see people saying in the trade channel, "WTS (Insert item name here)." Well Auctioneer helps here, a lot, especially when it comes to the Rares and Epics. If you’ve already scanned the Auction House using its "Scan" button, then you can just simply click the item and it should say an median(average) price under the description. This will help you with the whole Buying High and Selling Low topic.

Many people don’t describe how to use Buying Low and Selling High in detail, but I will. So you see a Rare or an Epic in the Auction House or in the trade channel, and you’re thinking, "Well, that sounds a little cheap," or "I think I can profit off of this deal." Auctioneer answers these questions. First off, check the prices of the same item of different sellers, check who’s the lowest, and check Auctioneer and see if it makes the median BO(Buyout).

Another good Buy Low/Sell High idea for high and low levels, is the Cloth and Recipe market. Have you ever seen a stack of Linen, wool, silk, mageweave, or netherweave for about 2g less than it should be? There’s your chance to profit! Now I’m going to take this part from Rummin’s Different Niches In The Economy Pt1 guide, because it’s such a great idea and I think everyone should know about it. In Rummin’s guide, it says to "ask out in Trade channel "WTB Netherweave cloth" if you get replies ask for a price that is 1.5-3g cheaper than AH depending on the AH price. But this means you have to buy in bulk, although you still get more profit in the end. So you’ve bought 10 stacks of Cloth, for 2g a stack. AH each stack for 4g or depending on what you server demands are (1.5g -3g more than what you bought for). Tactics such as 3.99 BO are effecting because people think they are paying 3G but in reality they are paying 4G." (Rummin’s Different Niches In The Economy Pt1) I have used this idea endless times, and profited so much off of it. Lot’s of credit and respect goes out to Rummin for that.

Recipes are a major Buy Low/Sell High heaven. There are many people who do not know how much a recipe is, so they post it for a very small price. Can you say MONEY? Yes, in fact, there is a world rare recipe that goes for 300g normally, and is found at 50g lots of times. Now if you do see that, please buy it and sell it back for a huge profit and make me proud. There are lots of recipes that can be sold back for a better price and profited on, which Auctioneer helps with a lot.

2. The profession Skinning is an amazing proffesion. For most servers, leather is in HIGH demand. What better then to supply the people and get paid mucho grande gold?

Well you know that if you supply them enough leather, the demand will go down, hence prices dropping. But you know what? I’ll share a secret with you that works for me about 90% of the time. I mass skin.. and don’t put any on the AH. Demand goes a tad up, prices go up a little, I wait patiently. Most of the time, the demand keeps going up, which means the price keeps going up. Eventually, the market is back where it was at before, and I profit in the end, selling all the leather that I skinned while waiting. This idea is not for the impatient. It only works about 90% of the time, so don’t blame me if you try it and are not satisfied with your results. And also, some servers are not meant for this, and thus, this idea does not work as well on them as others do.

3. Mining. This profession, in my server, is prospering so well. Mining is the main money maker, and one of the easiest. In my server, Mithril is one of the best selling ores, and probably the easiest to get. So for 70’s, this is a easy business. Mithril usually goes for around 7.5g(7 gold 50 silver). Even at low levels, mining is a good money maker. I just recently made a twink, hoping to level him fast and easy to dominate the Warsong Gulch battles. But, I found that, while mining, I could make so much money off of Copper bars(which went for 1.3g[1 gold 30 silver] a stack). So I dropped engineering, sold my supplies, and picked up skinning. Now I bet you guys that are pretty smart at WoW are thinking, "Gosh this guy is gunna suck, he’ll have no Helmet! Haha noob!" No. You are wrong. I will explain why in the next section. Fishing. But back to mining, I am currently running circuits now through Dun Morogh, skinning every beast that I find, and mining all the copper ores in my path. "Why?" you ask? There is so many copper ores in Dun Morogh, it’s unbelievable(but there is more in Elwynn Forest, which I will explain later). And not to mention the abundance of light leather, which was described a while ago.

"Why don’t you use Elwynn if there’s more veins, and much more to grind on?" Well, I mostly don’t run circuits there, because, there are no good beasts there, and I am a money hunter. I want the convenience of having a lot of Ores and beasts all together in one area. This is a good strategy to use in any combination of professions. It even works for high levels! Western Plague Lands is a good example(for level 51-58). It has an even amount of both, but not a great enough amount for people to go crazy about. Rugged leather is a main drop from beasts, and there’s many Mithril Deposits in the area. As stated before, Mithril is probably the best selling ore/vein, so this might fancy someone’s pickle. Another great Mining/skinning spot for upper levels is Burning Steppes. "Why?" There is a HUGE amount of ores in this section, mainly Truesilver and Thoruim. Big money.

There is also a pretty good sized strip of land for skinners to grind on. The beasts in this area drop the following: Heavy Scorpid Scale, Thick Leather, Thick Hide, Rugged Leather, Rugged Hide, Black Dragonscale, and Worn Dragonscale. Heavy Scorpid Scale is used in some recipes for higher leveled Leatherworkers, and in some servers, a pretty good demand is going on(supply and demand method goes into state here. Big dollars from big demanding items). Thick Leather is mostly used in 200-270 in Leatherworking, which takes up the majority of Leatherworkers. So, once again, the demand is a little higher than other leathers. Thick Hides are used for very little amount of recipes and are very hard to sell. In fact, I auctioned three stacks of 10thick hides for the lowest price BY FAR for three times, and I actually just ended up throwing them away at a vendor because I would never use them in my Leatherworking career. Rugged Leather is a very well sold leather, and used in a lot of Leatherworking creations. I am a leatherworker myself, and I try to farm Rugged Leather, but it’s very hard to come by in beasts, who usually drop Thick Leather/Hide or give an occasional Rugged Hide. I ended up going to the Auction House many a time, which I do not like to do because I know that the demand is up, and supply is low, so prices are soaring, and I like to get my own materials rather than buying them. So Skinners, that’s a profitable business if your dedicated to spending lots of time getting the hard earned gold that you diserve. Black Dragonscale are used in some Leatherworking models, but I just sold them to vendor, once again, because no one was buying in the Auction House. Worn Dragonscales are trash, they are not used in anything that I know of, so trash them, is my advice.

4. Fishing. This is probably my best money maker. On Executus(My Server) Oily Blackmouth and Firefins are going for 3g a stack. I originally started raising my fishing level just for the lucky fishing hat, but soon realized, I can and will make a lot of money off of this secondary profession. At level 1, you can start fishing in Auberdine, Dun Morogh, Elwynn Forest, or Stormwind. Auberdine, out of all, is my favorite. It has the most Oily Blackmouths out of all the beginner places, and it even has its own fishing quest that is simple and rewards you with a fishing rod that gives you +3 fishing and 650 EXP. After finishing that quest, in about three days, you should receive a fishing item that adds on twenty-five fishing skill for ten minutesfor helping out the questgiver, it helps on occasion, but you can easily get better lures in Stranglethorn Vale for only 2.5s(2 Silver 50 copper) which gives you +50 fishing for ten minutes. After you get to about level fifty fishing, or you’ve bought many Fishing lures, you can head on out to either Loch Modan, Wetlands, Westfall, or deeper into the Darkshore territory. This gives you the chance to catch better fish and brings up your level of fishing. You can occasionally catch a few "Messages in the Bottle" or a "Small Locked Chest". I found that Wetlands and Loch Modan are a big supplier of Oily Blackmouths and Firefins.

Once your up to level 100, you can waltz on over to Stranglethorn Valley(but be cautious if your a lower level, especially twinks) and go down to the Happy Bobber store. The fisherman there sells a book called "The Bass and You" which pushes your fishing past 150, and has a pretty catchy name. He also supplies you with +50 and +100 fishing lures, which are a must in Stranglethorn Vale if your lower than level 20(perfect for twinks). Stranglethorn Vale requires a level of 125 for fishing, so if your heading there at level 100, you should think of either stocking up on +100s or getting your level up to 125, because if your any lower than 170, it makes it much harder to hook a fish. Stranglethorn Vale supplies a lot of level 25 and 35 fishes, and occasionally gives you Oily Blackmouths and some Firefins. And there is a small risk of a Hordie that just wants to have some bloodraging fun and behead you.

Okay so you’ve read my guide that’s gone into deep detial. Now go do it!! And to you higher levels, make a new character or toon and try out the lower level things, I was surprised to learn that I made 30g in one day off my twink. I only spent about two hours farming Ores, Skins, and Fishes to get to that point. Whether your level 70 or 30, this is a very good strategy. I did not spend ANY money on my twink so far, and for how it’s looking, with buying low and selling high with the money I’m making on ‘em, I don’t think I’ll spend that much. I made a pure, 30g profit off the lower level strategy. For the higher level ones, I’m still capatilizing on them, and trying to improve on them. I will try to post more ideas as they come to me, and I appreciate that you took your time to read my guide. All these strategies have worked for me, and I’m sorry if they don’t work for you. You may be doing it wrong(which you really shouldn’t seeing that I went into so deep detail), or your server might not have the same economy as mine.

I thank Rummin once again, for his help in giving me a start on my money making empire, and for sharing his knowledge with everyone. Please leave only good comments.

Eldarion [Realm=Executus]

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