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I’ve seen many people complaining about the price of flying mounts that are coming out. Yes, yes, I admit that I’ve been complaining and still will be because I think they are overpriced but doing a little bit of research I found a couple ways to make your life easier when the Burning Crusade comes out. I’m not in beta but I have a couple of friends that are in beta that sent me some tips. The Outland is supposed to have a lot of money dropping. Also the drops are a lot better then the ones on the "Original World".

There are a lot of new things that are going to come out with The Burning Crusade, especially new trade goods. It is said that you have to lvl your skill up to use the new goods. Since most of your recipies are yellow at lvl 300 you’ll need a lot of goods to lvl the skill up. Here are many of the things that you should stock up. Runecloth. Runecloth is obviously a great thing to farm because it drops a lot. Also they are used for both First Aid and Tailoring. It is also rumored that you need truckloads of Runecloth to hit the next cloth to use the next kind of cloth which is called Netherweave Cloth. Tailors also use Primal Mooncloth and Bolt of Soulcloth. Rugged Leather is also a great thing because before Leatherworkers can make anything with the new leather called Knothide Leather and Heavy Knothide Leather. You start using Knothide Leather at level 320 Leatherworking. You should save up your Thorium Bars. Thorium can get quite expensive so It’s not the main thing you should save up. Blacksmiths will also need Enchanted Thorium Bars because that is another thing that they will need for the expansion until around 315 when they can use Fel Iron. The same applies for the Engineers. Jewelcrafting is using an enormous ammount of the jewels already in the game so get ready to horde them for all the rich people who want to power level Jewcrafting.

Instances will definately get you a lot of EXP and gold while you are trying to hit lvl 70 since the lvl cap is going up. There are going to be a couple of added instances in the new expansion so get ready and don’t worry about your current gear and buy that 200G BoE Epic in the AH. There will be plenty of new items for everyone, including the BoE’s. Remember that if you get a green or higher BoE that you win and if you have no use for it; toss it in the AH which will ring you up some money.

I hope this guide helps you in your experience with the Burning Crusade! Now that’s it from me. Peace.

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