read the other post listed here and although it is true that you can use to gathering skills to make money fast…

There are other ways (evil grin)

Some of these where mentioned but key details where not covered –

Farm specific creatures/areas –

Crafting drops/exp

Farming crafting drops can be done all over the world of azeroth. Things like Large Fangs are used in smithing/tailoring/enchanting/Alchamy. Spider silks come in 3 forms and sell VERY well on ah at times (Spider Silk, Ironweb Spider Silk, Shadow Silk). There is a nitch that i will post here that takes time but imho is worth the effort for a quick buck. The reason that I dont mind posting it is that most dont want to work that hard for the return in the end.
*NITCH* Secondary Skills like Cooking and Fishing can be used to make consumable foods/Pet foods/Transforming foods. Most would snub their nose at this but i personally have made close to 450 gold in 2 days with cooking and fishing on a hard run though sat/sun 12 hours each. How??? Well here goes… As you kill/fish things they drop meats etc. 90% of the items that drop in wow are used in some craft/spell. Some sell for less some more. As i am fighting to get to my "private fishing spot" (dont ask i wont tell 0_0 ) I gather all the items that the monsters are droping that i know are used in some craft. Then I start fishing for delight fish. A delight fish is fun and i wont go into the mods of eating it, but i will say i sell them for as much as 2-5 gold on ah for 5 and i gather about 2 per min.

By cooking the items that you gather you allow users that do not want to get a cooking skill maxed the ability to use them. I sell meats and soups on ah for 30 silver to 3 gold for 5.

Humanoids for cloth

Humunoids drop all kinds of cloth and its used in 4 of the 5 main trade skills, and 1 secondary skill. (linen, silk, mageweave, runecloth, fellcloth) As you encounter humanoid enemies, you can gather about 2-10 stacks within 20-50 min of farming as you pass though. Selling that on the ah when you get back to Ironforge or Orgimmar. Fellcoth is turned to mooncloth by tailors and I sell 2 fellcloth for 2 gold about 5-10 stacks per day everyday.

Quest items

Although this is the most time consuming way to make money it is very easy to do. And once you know the locations of the items you are gathering you will be much faster at it.
Let me start with a few of the big hitters:
Ungoro Crater (lvl 50+) — Shards from the area are used to create buffs and a quest that is located there. Can be sold in the amount of 10 stacks for 1 gold per 10 at the ah in tanaris. They drop by 2-4 at a time and takes 30 min to get a full bag fast.
Ungoro Soil — Used in 3 quest for the alliance and 2 for the horde, this can sell very fast for a quick buck. Ive sold 10 stacks for 50 silver to 2.5 gold depending on demand. At times the demand is SO HIGH I cant keep up with it.
Azshara(lvl 50+) — The hostile gryphons there drop IronFeathers, used in one of the most desired armors on my server. I sell a 10 stack for 5-10 gold and sell 4-15 stacks a day. Also there is an abundance of sea creatures that drop clams. The meat can be cooked, and if your lucky you will walk out with 15-20 gold or black pears to boot .

In closing let me make one point…..


LVL 60 Troll Shaman — 300 mining 300 master axesmith

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