This guide will help to obtain fast MageWeave you Cloth and in great
amounts, or that you need money, or like material for your

1. - First , you must go to Stranglethorn Vale, don’t
need potions or anything, mobs are easy enough
(assuming that you are level 38+).

2. - I recommend that you obtain the quest ”Up To Snuff”, you can
obtain at level in Booty Bay 37, I recommend it for a little extra
experience while doing the guide, up to you.

3. - Very well, now we go south of Booty Bay, in ‘ Wild Shore (27,82), there you should see a camp, BloodSail Bucaneers are around there , these
are the carriers of ours appraised MC.

4. - The only thing of which you must take care of is of
the Warlocks, they can be dangerous if they aggro, just don’t let ‘em run. Now ñlet’s start kilingl these
pirates, about to of 5 drop MageWeave Cloth, and when they
do , they drop 2 or 3. If you run out of Buccaneers , you can go west, there’s another camp.

* If you are dping ”Up to Snuff”, any BloodSail Buccaneer can drop
”Snuff”, drop rate is the same as MC *

After half an hour of grinding these Buccaners, you should
have about 30-40 mageweave cloth, 15 snuffs which
you need for quest, and maybe some rare loot,

* What Should I Do Once I Get My MageWeave Cloth? *

- It Solds pretty good at AH, you can check prices at

- You can do bendages (if you are Warrior, Rogue, or some other
un-holly class), which are even sold better in AH, or you can keep them

- Some profs. need them for their professions.

Whatever you do whit it, it gaves you money, FAST, AND EASY!

C ya!:

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