World of Warcraft Tips

This guide will give you a very basic run down of 7 of the most important WoW tips you can learn for a new player. It will help you get a lot more out of your play time.

#1. Make sure you autoloot everything you see as the grey items which look like they won’t benefit you but you can always sell to make some gold by selling them to the vendor. An easy way to autoloot everything is to go into your WoW settings and check the box that says "Turn on autoloot". That way you can just right click and it will automatically pick up everything at once.

#2. Whenever you are in a new town or area pick up all the quests that you possibly can and do them all at once instead of trying to do them one at a time. This will help you out so much and will make leveling a lot faster.

#3. Get used to doing instances. By the time you hit 70 you will want to already be good at getting groups together for all the 5 man instances. Best time to start on your grouping skills is ASAP. Lowbie instances can be fun and give you some practice that you would need.

#4. Know your class. This may seem like an easy one but more often than not it really isn’t. You will want to take the time to research and understand your class completely by the time you hit level 70. This is especially true on a PvP server.

#5. Make friends in-game as soon as possible. It is always more fun to do group stuff with friends and then you won’t have to worry about people ninja looting items from bosses in instances. This can be dangerous to some as well since it makes you want to play more often and can sometimes lead to World of Warcraft addiction.

#6. Get two gathering professions at the beginning. That way you can sell items such as copper ore, etc. and make tons of gold that will help you along the way through your leveling and so you will always have enough gold to learn new spells/abilities as well as your mount.

#7. Get famaliar with WoW addons and macros. These will ultimately help save you tons of time and with doing repetative tasks. Also when you hit level 70 you will have to have some macros for raiding. It just makes great sense to use them and know how to use them ASAP.

There are tons more WoW tips that are not included in this guide so make sure you check out all the other guides that are listed on this site for the most World of Warcraft hints and tips you can find.

Be sure to bookmark this page so you won’t lose track of all the guides listed on this site.

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